As the stinkbug problem keeps increasing around the Northeast, completely new stink bug traps are being unveiled to be able to help property owners find a method to hold these types of insects out of their houses.

The newest product to hit the market is through nth Solutions and they dub it The Original Indoor Stinkbug Trap. Just how will it stack up to the rest available in the market?

You could tell through the brand that the Original Stinkbug Trap is intended for use inside the house. The makers use this as the main characteristic, boasting that some other items out there are outdoor traps which were improved to use inside the house. Here are some of the advantages this trap showcases:

  • Created Specifically for Indoor Use
  • Eliminates Stinkbugs within Minutes
  • Simply no Touching Live OR Dead Bugs
  • Keeps Bugs through Expelling Foul Odor
  • Totally Quiet

The Original Indoor Stink Bug Trap uses a specific wave length of light that stinkbugs cannot tolerate. The trap then kills the pests in minutes by drowning in the concentrated fluid that the bugs are fascinated by. The provider claims that it is more effective compared with adhesive traps or any other traps that don't immediately eliminate the insects, since they're still able to discharge their bad scent spray if they are not immediately killed. When the pests are lifeless, you can easily pour the ecologically safe fluid down the toilet along with the dead insects. Refills can also be found for your trap as well, which means you don't have to buy a new trap every time you need to change the fluid.

The downside to this particular trap is that the liquid is exposed. This means that if you have children or pets, you will want to always keep these types of traps off from them. What's great is stinkbugs naturally look for higher ground, so positioning one of these traps on the top of a cabinet or bookshelf is a great choice. The item likewise gets mixed comments coming from consumers on Amazon, with some stating that it does not attract the pests very well.

It's good to have an alternative when it comes to your stink bug trap. We are excited to see another player in the market and look forward to bringing you a lot more stink bug trap reviews later on.