A Review of Jack Canfield's Book 'The Success Principles: Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want to Beâ„¢'

'The Success Principles' is the latest book from self-help guru and 'The Secret' contributor Jack Canfield which he co-authored with Janet Switzer.

With the self-help industries massive growth over the last few years that seems to simply defy gravity, is this another esoteric book to cash in on the aspirations of the average Joe or does this offer applicable tools that can be utilised to improve your quality of life?

Jack Canfield first came to my attention as the co-author of the phenomenal bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul™ book series. After the initial success of that book Canfield et al went on to publish over 200 books under the 'Chicken Soup' title. While some championed this entrepreneurial spirit others criticised the balkanization of every interest group imaginable. When titles such as Chicken Soup for the Horse Lovers Soul 2' came out you were begging them to stop. It was a pity because I'm sure that 'Chicken Soup for the Albino Taxi Driver with One Leg and a Parrot' was just around the corner.


Jack Canfield: The Success Principles

However in this book, Jack now concentrates on what he determines are the core principles that can turn anyone's dreams into reality. As Jack writes,

'Life is a combination lock, you just have to figure out the right numbers.'

The Success Principles™ book is divided into six parts. Logically enough this starts with foundations for success and builds on the knowledge needed to start moving you in the right direction. These include chapters on the idea that the reader must "Take 100% Responsibility" before you "Know Your Purpose". 

Later sections in the book incorporate transforming yourself for success as well as building quality relationships, surrounding yourself with successful like-minded people, money and, perhaps most importantly of all, the need to take action.

Jack Canfield: The Success Principles
Credit: Jack Canfield

At the start of this article I was flippant about the Chicken Soup series as I do feel that they created far too many titles  but I am a huge fan of this book.

What I love about Jack's writing is that it is clear, concise and completely unambiguous. Scattered throughout the books are cartoons, anecdotes and quotes from successful actors, athletes and CEO's. This helps to hold the reader's attention as well as making you skip along from chapter to chapter always nodding your head at the information you are reading.

I believe that every single person could learn something valuable from the 'Success Principles.'

The undoubted leaders in the field of human excellence are the likes of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Anthony Robbins. With this book, which I am sure will become a classic in the years to come, Jack has surely joined the upper echelons of the personal development arena and will remain one of the greats.

But one last thing. Please Jack, let's not see The Success Principles for Horse lovers any time soon.