vitacost reviews

Vitacost and iHerb are premium health stores on the internet and they are good options for those who are concerned about maintaining their health and getting products for weight loss or an improved diet. The similarities and differences between the two are highlighted below to make choosing the best shop for you more effective.

Both Vitacost and iHerb have an excellent selection of health products, supplements, and beauty products. They are separated into easy to explore categories that make either site a joy to navigate around. No matter why you are at the store, you will be able to gain access to the products quickly that you are interested in most.

Each store is very affordable and they both offer quick and reliable shipping methods that will get you your products quickly and cheaply.

The Differences


Vitacost has a selection of natural foods that you can buy to bring home and improve your diet. Most of the foods on offer are organic and very healthy for you making them a great supplement to any diet.

They also have plenty of cleaning products that will keep your home smelling great while keeping you away from dangerous chemicals while cleaning your home, which is always a good thing.

Vitacost comes with a host of information about any health issue that you may be worried about so you can get the details on different conditions before you even think about buying a product from them.

If you are interested in getting real drug-store products, you can shop for most over-the-counter drugs at Vitacost easily enough. They have a huge range of drug store products that iHerb does not carry.



iHerb has a large aromatherapy section that offers some great air-freshening products that are meant for reducing anxiety any improving your overall mood.

Search bar

The search bar on the website is a great method of finding the product that you are looking for if you already know the name. It rapidly reduces the amount of time that you spend shopping on their site and makes it easy to compare prices with other websites fast.

Sort by condition

One very nice feature of iHerb is their condition categories. They have a section that lets you look for products they have for specific conditions such as Asthma, Liver Health or Anxiety. When you choose one of the conditions that you want to treat you are presented with a list of products that are meant for that purpose and you can browse through them from there.

iHerb also has a freebies section where you can get free trials of supplements that you will only have to pay shipping costs for. This is a great way to try out products that you are unsure of without wasting your money on them.

While both of these stores offer an impressive selection of items each one is better for certain things than the other. The differences between the stores highlights which areas the specialize in that the other does not which should make it easier to choose between one or the other. No matter which store you are most interested in you are sure to receive quality products without having to wait for more than a few days for the shipping, which makes them both desirable alternatives to local stores.