invicta 9212


Looks incredible
Made of high quality materials
Keeps great time


Bad dial visibility
Gold plating can scratch

Full Review

Not a bad looking watch in my opinion. Having a bit of gold on your wrist always makes you feel pretty great, it draws the eye and will probably draw out a few compliments aswell. The Invicta 9212 Chronograph Speedway watch is really quite a well made watch, but one of the major flaws is the visibility of the dial.

Do you remember when you used to color in as a child and using a yellow pencil on white paper was always hard to see? This is kind of what the Invicta 9212 is suffering from. The gold marking and hands on the watch, (although they look nice) they're very hard to distinguish when it's sunny with a white background.

So if your vision is a bit dodgy you might have to get used to cupping your hands to protect it from the sunlight when you read the time. A minor flaw that might bother some, but I think that the positives in this watch far outweigh the negatives.

In Closing

Actually, there is something else about this watch that kind of puts me off, which is the gold plating. Gold plating, obviously not as good as solid gold, can easily be scratched. But this is a watch that's in a low price range, so you can't expect solid gold bands at incredibly high quality. For the price though, this watch does very well. Quartz movement is always a plus, very accurate. The stainless steel case is sturdy and reliable.

The main reason people buy watches is to look good and to possibly impress others who casually glance at your wrist. This watch will do a fantastic job of it. I particularly like the way the Invicta 9212 will grab they eye, even if it's just sticking out slightly from a shirt cuff. Try and get a mental picture of the watch in your mind, does it look good? I think it probably does!