Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn by Terry K. Amthor is a role playing game supplement published by Guild Companion Publications for use with the various iterations of the Rolemaster game system: Rolemaster 2, Rolemaster Classic, Rolemaster Standard System and Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing. This book is set in the Shadow World, aka Kulthea, fantasy setting, although one of the differences between Shadow World and other fantasy setting is that there are high technology influences in it, some of which are detailed in Tales, and the planet is also located within the Spacemaster setting of the Terran Empire.

The supplement is available in colour PDF and standard colour perfect bound softcover, or as a bundle of the two, but it isn't available in hardback, as the page count is too low, nor is it available in the premium print option, which uses slightly better quality paper. The softcover is available through RPGNow's print on demand service. There are 85 pages in the book, [86] in the PDF, including the full colour front and back covers. Two pages are the front matter, one the Table of Contents and one the Index. The cost is $9.99 for the PDF, $15.05 for the softcover book or $23.04 when purchased as a bundle, plus delivery costs of $5.20 for Royal Mail second class.

Tales from the Green Gryphon InnCredit: Guild Companion Publications/Craig John/eGDC LtdThe one page Introduction describes the local setting that this supplement is set (the empire of Rhakhaan on Jaiman) and the Shadow World, where to find more relevant local information, the new feature of GM Narration Text, which are descriptions intended to be read aloud to players, and an outline of what the book is intended to be used for.

Part I, Town Overview, gives a description of the town of Gryphonburgh and local environs, with a labelled map of the town itself and several locations or location types described in more detail, as well the local weather, flora and fauna.

Part II, Places of Interest, covers various areas inside and outside the town in more detail. Some are given a brief overview; the notable Gryphon Bridge is covered in more detail and the Green Gryphon Inn of the title is thoroughly mapped out and described. There are also details on the local moor, and the ruins that can be found there, but this area is unmapped.

Part III, People of Interest, describes various important non player characters, and some that the players are most likely to interact with, that can be found in the town in detail, although their stats are in Part V.

Part IV, Adventures, is the largest section of the supplement and the whole focus of the town as an adventure location. There are nine adventures described in detail, including how to get the players to the town in the first place, and a further eight adventure ideas that could be fleshed out more.

The Cover of Tales from the Green Gryphon InnCredit: Guild Companion Publications/Craig John/eGDC LtdThe final section, Part V, Charts, Maps & Index, has the stats for the NPCs found in the town and the adventures, and local monsters, in the covered Rolemaster systems, a map of the Western Hemisphere of Kulthea, the continent of Jaiman and the most of Rhakhaan and nearby nations, as well as the index.

Evaluating Print on Demand and Delivery

In the UK (where one of the print on demand printers is based) Royal Mail Second Class is fast enough that there is no point in paying the extra for Royal Mail First Class, as the book arrived very quickly after it was ordered. Tales wasn't large enough to be considered for a hardback originally, which is why it was only available as a perfect bound softcover. A hardback version is now available, with the page count increased by the addition of blank pages. The print on demand version is, as usual, of high quality, so delivery speed and product quality are still high.

Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn in Review

The PDF is bookmarked to the major sections in each part of the book, just like the Table of Contents, which, given the size of the supplement, makes the electronic version easy enough to navigate. The index, which doesn't take the entirety of one page, is also sufficient to its needs. As well as the text, Tales contains full colour illustrations and maps. Many of the illustrations would appear to have been done with software such as Poser; they therefore may not be liked by all, but they do look good and add to the book.

Interior of Tales from the Green Gryhon InnCredit: Guild Companion Publications/Craig John/eGDC LtdTales from the Green Gryphon Inn is the sort of supplement that hasn't been published for the Shadow World in many years - in fact, since the last century, with supplements such as Norek providing a detailed location along with adventures set there. Approximately 30 pages of the supplement are taken up by the adventures and the adventure ideas, meaning that there are a substantial number of adventures that can be based from the location without much development (although GameMasters more familiar with adventures in the Dungeons & Dragons style may find these rather more free-flowing adventures harder to run).

The location, the town of Gryphonburgh, and the titular Green Gryphon Inn are all described in a sufficient level of detail and there are many characters to interact with and plots to deal with, some of which are connected to the larger, global situation and events of Kulthea.

Converting the supplement to other game worlds is surprisingly easy, as it functions quite well as a standalone small town. The town itself is mapped out but the local area surrounding it is simply described. There are continental and world maps, but no true local maps. Adapting it to another setting would simply require some comparatively minor changes, such as replacing some of the references to such as countries and organisations to suitable local variants. Kulthea has an immense history, so GMs using this supplement in another setting may wish to alter the time frame, rather than the multi-millennia one used.

Kulthea is also a world on which remnant of high technology can be found, and, indeed, in one of the adventures a hi-tech facility is entered. For those using the adventure on other game worlds where this is not the case, it is also quite easy to alter this by simply substituting magic for the advanced technology; this can be done quite simply, as even the descriptions could remain the same.

Converting Tales to other game systems is harder; whilst older ICE modules and supplements had brief details on converting them to other systems - primarily AD&D/AD&D 2nd Edition - modern ones lack this. This isn't insurmountable, though. Overall, Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn is a welcome supplement for the Shadow World setting, especially for those GMs who are more limited in the time needed to prepare their own adventures, but more than that, it is a useful adventuring location that can be adapted to other game worlds without too much trouble, rather than being completely setting-specific.

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