African Mango - The Positive Side

African Mango - The Negative Side

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The African Mango weight loss pill is one of the newest and most sought after weight loss supplement in the market today. It features the African mango as a main ingredient and claims to function both as a fat burner and as an internal cleanser. The manufacturer of the product is also offering it to everyone of any gender and age.

How it helps with weight loss can be attributed to the seeds Irvingia gabonensis which is supposedly found in the African mango. These seeds are known to combat issues with obesity, according to the Lipids Health Digest published in 2005. The study supports the African Mango Diet supplement’s claim saying it is targeting fat found around the belly area, one common problem with overweight people.

African Mango - Active Ingredients

Examining the label for ingredients used, there’s not much which can be found except for the African mango itself. Other ingredients which are also present in the supplement and/or used during the manufacture or preservation process is nowhere to be found. The manufacturer of the supplement mentions that the product is made from 100% African mango though, so it is at least an all-natural food supplement.

African Mango - The Positive Side

The actual fruit involved, the African mango is of a rare variety and said to be found only in certain rainforests of Cameroon in Africa. This fruit is backed up by studies (see previous section) in relation to its claim. It is supposedly able to enhance metabolic processes and burn fatty lipids in order to help you lose weight.

The African mango diet supplement is currently available only for online orders but there is a possibility that it will be offered in brick and mortar stores soon. The company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case the product does not work as expected. You also receive a free book which will guide you into an effective personal weight loss program upon purchase of the supplement. However, no trial of the product in any way is available.

African Mango - The Negative Side

Aside from the fact that no free trial is provided, the African mango and its ingredients are not yet patented so everything it boasts of can be mere claims. Most diet supplements also advice patients to incorporate the intake of supplementary diet products with exercise and other weight loss measures. The African mango diet supplement on the other hand claims that the product works effectively on its own, something which may not too realistic.

As mentioned earlier, other ingredients used are not disclosed. This leaves you doubtful as to how the supplement was exactly manufactured. Undisclosed ingredients will also make you wonder why there is a need to hide ingredients from the label if they are not fatal nor cause any ill effects.

Despite the laboratory study cited to support the claims of the African mango diet supplement, the product itself is relatively new to the market so if there are any long-term adverse effects, it is yet to be discovered.

African Mango - Conclusion

Despite studies proving the claims of the African mango diet supplement, there isn’t much actual proof from real consumers since it’s fairly new. You may want to be the first to prove its effectiveness or you can wait until there are a sufficient number of users who can attest to its power already.