Work at home mums

The traditional view of work is the rat race where you leave your home at eight in the morning and return at six in the evening. For many people this is just not practical as you may have kids or other dependents, furthermore for some people it’s just not a lifestyle that they can learn to enjoy as they see it as soul destroying labour which has no place in their lives. But we must all earn a wage in order to live in the world. This is why home based jobs are the future.

There are many different home based jobs out there, one of the largest pools of people who are looking for home based jobs are mothers. Finding jobs from home for mums isn’t the easiest thing in the world as that job must be flexible so that it takes into account the needs of any children or dependents in the home. But rest assured because there are many jobs that can supplement your income these days from the comfort of your own home.

What kinds of jobs are available

The most well-known range of home based jobs is in the online survey industry. Businesses and companies all around the world are looking for your opinion on them, your daily habits, and your views on certain products; for this information they are willing to pay you for it. This is why there are many online survey sites which pay you for taking online surveys. These sorts of home based jobs can be done by anybody as all you need is an opinion and access to the internet. This is a perfect job for any mum as you can fill out as many or as few surveys as you like any time of the day or night. The pay is not fantastic but if you fill out lots of surveys then the amount you can gain is certainly worthy of your time.

Other jobs from home for mums can also include the freelance writing profession. This is a difficult profession to get into initially but you can choose your own jobs and work whenever you like. There are a variety of different ways which you can get into this profession. The first way is that you can call around your family and friends in order to see if they, or somebody they know, needs a writer; you would be surprised at just who your friends and family might know. The crucial aspect of freelance writing is building up an initial portfolio in order to showcase yourself to various employers.

The disadvantage to freelance writing, though, is that it can often involve you working for a very small amount of money in the beginning; remember, there are no minimum wage laws in the world of freelance writing. But if you’re good at writing and don’t mind pushing through the initial growth stages then freelance writing can turn to be one of the best home based jobs out there for any stuck at home mum.

Finally, another job you can do from home is online auction selling. If you have any old junk then you can easily sell these on one of the many online auction sites in order to create an extra stream of income for yourself. It doesn’t take much time to maintain each day and you can potentially make a lot of money from it; especially if you know of a sale nearby which may have some goodies for you. The only disadvantage is that like any of the jobs from home for mums it can be very hit and miss and can be hard to get started.