Most dog and cat owners use some form of regular flea control. Nearly all, also regularly give de-worming tablets, and a growing number also give preventative heartworm medicine. Don't forget ticks, mites and mange to worry about out too. That's at least three separate pets medicines you need to buy, store and correctly administer to your dog or cat. Thanks to Pfizer Animal Health there has been a little revolution in the world of pet care. Using their one product 'Revolution', for dogs or cats can completely change the way you think about controlling your pet's parasite visitors.

Revolution is available in different, colour coded packs depending on the weight and type of pet. The product is available for use on both cats and dogs, throughout their life. Puppies from six weeks and kittens from eight weeks can be given Revolution flea drops to control external parasites whilst also preventing the dreaded heartworm disease.

What Does Revolution Do?

Remarkably Revolution flea drops use only one active ingredient, selamectin, to control a wide range of parasites. The product is given as a spot on treatment. It absorbs through the skin into the bloodstream to deal with parasites there. In conjunction it is also distributed over the entire surface of your pet via their oil glands, to protect from external parasites. Used once a month, complete parasite control is simple to achieve.

Cats and dogs receive different protection with use of Revolution. All pets enjoy the control of heartworm larvae, fleas and ear mites.

In addition, Revolution for Dogs controls sarcoptic mange and ticks. Revolution for Cats on the other hand, destroys the intestinal parasites, roundworms and hookworms.

Revolution for Cats and Dogs Safety

Revolution is an FDA regulated prescription pet medicine in the US. The product has been confirmed as mild enough to be used in pregnant and nursing queens and bitches. The only proviso to consider before using Revolution on your dog or cat is that it should not be given to seriously underweight or ill animals.

Side effects are extremely rare but are generally in the nature of stomach upset. Less than 1% of dogs and cats experience gastric upset after Revolution is applied and less than 1% of cats experience temporary hair loss at the site of application.

Before starting to use Revolution or any form of preventative heartworm medicine your pet should be seen by a vet for a heartworm test. This is because dogs with adult heartworms will need more specialist treatment than a simple heartworm preventative can offer. This test should be repeated each spring for pets which have been exposed to mosquitoes in the six months before.

In order to be 100% efficient at protecting your pet from heartworms, dogs and cats should be given such a treatment year round. In truth, many pet owners only use a heartworm preventative during mosquito season, to save a little. This keeps the risk of the disease minimal for your pet but does not completely eradicate the risk of heartworms for dogs and cats. By combining a heartworm preventative with flea control, year round treatment is now much more acceptable to many pet owners, which should mean more heartworm free dogs and cats.

A Revolution in Parasite Control?

Combining a preventative heartworm medicine with efficient flea control really is a revolution for pet health care. This is particularly so for cats, who are experiencing more cases of heartworm, but have far less chance of being given a regular preventative heartworm medicine. Combining external and internal parasite control means pet owners are more apt to automatically choose to give heartworm preventatives to their cats.

Fewer parasites and improved animal health can't be bad. This may not be a huge revolution, but it is still a positive change in pet medicines. Dogs are already well catered for, but this really could be a Revolution for cats' health.