If you have been having trouble dusting up your home in a much more efficient way, the best solution that I can ever give you for that is the Dyson DC14. What I love about this revolutionary vacuum is that it has a unique canister style that is very effective for all my vacuuming situations. The DC14 model is the latest model of the Dyson upright vacuum line. It replaced the Dyson DC07 model, which I initially wanted to buy, and has several great improvements you will also really get to appreciate.

I found it really easy to use Dyson. Dyson did not make me feel alienated because it starts up just like your regular vacuum cleaner. But what separates it from the rest is the cool knob twisting feature that allowed me to temporarily disengage the brush feature so I can clean hard floors without damaging the surface. Once activated, the brush feature really gets to clean carpets and rugs a lot more thoroughly. In the box, I also found out that the Dyson DC14 also has its own hose which is the attachment nozzle for several accessories or on its own act as a wand to be some sort of a canister vacuum. This is great for hard to reach places in my home! This new vacuum also has its own easy to clean canister which collects dirt and dust. All I have to do is to click open the latch and dump the contents in the trash can. I also get to save money because I do not need to buy any replacement filters for it!

Through research, I found out that the Dyson DC 14 was redesigned in such a way that it is only seventy percent the size of the previous model DC 07, without sacrificing power. This is a lot better because now it is a lot lighter and a little bit smaller (and easier for me to use as well). With over two hundred and fifty watts of suction power, it is more efficient that its predecessor (specifically, twenty watts less). Where else can I find a vacuum that allows me to do my job using a lighter device and very power efficient as well? Truly, the Dyson DC 14 is a very good cleaning equipment to have in our family's house! This machine is also half a pound lighter, and an adjustment that will truly be appreciated by all. A lot of people find this new model offering by Dyson as a really good investment. It is especially good for homes that have a lot of pets, as it can be powerful enough to suction the hairs of your doggies and cats. Pet lovers love this device as well!