A Rion Greenhouse

A Rion Greenhouse

Why buy a Rion greenhouse as opposed to another make of greenhouse? Rion greenhouses use a unique design where the parts are slotted together instead of having to use nuts and bolts. As someone who erected a 12' x 8' greenhouse using the older method, let me assure you that the Rion greenhouse design is a dream in comparison.

You simply take each clearly marked part and slot it to its neighbour. The join is then reinforced with screws, but having them slotted firmly in place first makes the whole job so much easier and less time consuming.

The finished result is a solid construction that makes a perfect home for your plants.

Greenhouses can save you a fortune when it comes to stocking your garden each year. Instead of having to depend on the stocks of baby plants arriving in your local nursery you can grow them yourself from seed for a fraction of the price.

Greenhouses extend the growing season by several weeks. You can have your seedlings as big as shop bought plants by the same time of year, and in the autumn your summer flowering plants can still be flowering when the rest have long since finished.

Your kitchen window sill may be a great place to get seeds to germinate. Kitchens are normally bright, warm and moist places which make an ideal nursery for tiny seedlings. It is when your seedlings are big enough to transplant that you may run into difficulties. First and foremost, there won't be enough surface space to place all their pots or trays on, and secondly, your kitchen will not be able to provide enough light. Most small plants need sunlight to grow. You can convert your kitchen to a growing room with the addition of artificial LED grow lights, but you will find that is not an ideal solution unless you live alone and don't use your kitchen much for anything.

This is where a greenhouse is ideal. You can transfer all your seedlings into pots or trays placed on greenhouse shelving where they can get all the sunlight on offer, as well as a degree of heat. Even unheated greenhouses are several degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Most importantly of all, your plants in your greenhouse can be protected from pests, slugs and snails relatively easily.

Many countries are hot enough to plant seedling directly into their growing area outside, but the resultant new growth makes a delightful meal for all the neighbourhood slugs and snails. It is better to not put your seedlings into the ground until they are much bigger, in order to give them a fighting chance against their predators.

Greenhouses come flat packed for easy transportation. Unless you want to pay someone a fortune to erect it for you, it is much better to buy a greenhouse that you c an erect yourself. Most of the parts of a Rion greenhouse can be tackled by one person easily, but a second person may be required when putting on the roof structure which is completed separately.

Rion offer a long guarantee against defective workmanship, and the metallic structure is rustproof and resin treated to give it an attractive appearance. The 'glass' components are made from reinforced polycarbonate which is virtually unbreakable and offer UV sun protection to the plants inside. It offers better insulation than glass and so is also warmer in winter. Each greenhouse comes with at least one roof automatic window opening vent. Depending on the size of the greenhouse there may be more than one, and they also come with a low down louvre vent for extra ventilation in summer. All round shelving is also included in the price. A Rion greenhouse kit is all you need to get your plants off to a healthy start this year.