Def Leppard is one English band that can't stop rocking. Having formed in 1977, these guys have been around for more than just a few years – we're talking decades!

Even with the tragic loss of a lead guitarist and an accident involving their drummer, nothing has been able to halt their incredible success.

Continuing to tour, perform and record, this band have outlasted most, if not all, rockers of their generation.

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Hard Rock Legends

With good looks, long hair and great guitar riffs, how could anyone ignore Def Leppard in the 1980s? Impossible! Amazing and melodic, the band broke onto the music scene, first in the American charts and then in the UK, with a sound that was unlike any other hard rock band at the time.

With the vocals of Joe Elliott, the lead guitars of Phil Collen and Steve Clark, the bass of Rick Savage, and drumming of Rick Allen, Def Leppard's music style was undeniably different and distinct. For a group of young guys from Sheffield, the success of their first albums, On Through The Night (1980), High 'n' Dry (1981) and Pyromania (1983), was just the beginning.

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When Def Leppard released their fourth album in 1987, it immediately appeared at the top of the album charts in
both the UK and the States. Titled Hysteria, it was an album that pulled the band further into the spotlight, and made them one of the best-selling musical acts in the world. 

Singles taken from Hysteria shot onto the music charts in many countries, heading straight to number one. Tracks like Rocket, Love Bites, Hysteria, Animal and Pour Some Sugar On Me enthralled fans then, as much as they do now. 

To this day, the songs are just as powerful, originating from an album that has achieved worldwide sales of over 20 million copies.


Def Leppard Music Video: Hysteria

Rocking On

The arrival of the 1990s brought sudden and dramatic changes for the band – both personal and professional. By this time, Rick Allen had already returned after successfully recovering from a car accident that severed his left arm, however Steve Clark's struggles with alcoholism were worsening. He died in January 1991 as a result of alcohol and drug abuse.

The sad and unexpected passing of Steve Clark meant a new lineup for the group. Lead guitarist, Vivian Campbell, was accepted into the band in April 1992, after the release of the fifth studio album, Adrenalize. A former member of the rock group, Whitesnake, Campbell has been with Def Leppard ever since.

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Def Leppard In Concert

Despite a wane in the superstar popularity they enjoyed in the heydays of Pyromania and Hysteria, Def Leppard are still making music and going strong. With a series of live performances and further albums including Vault, a greatest hits collection, it's obvious there is still a lot more to hear and see of this band. And, they're not about to disappear shortly.

Having just completed VIVA Hysteria – a string of performances held in Las Vegas, Nevada during March and April – Def Leppard are now preparing to tour throughout the summer of 2013. With a handful of destinations selected from across Europe and North America, if you're in Spain, France, Scandinavia, Canada or the States, get ready to get rocked – these guys will soon be in a country near you!

Check the band's official website for concert dates and details.