So that your collection of hand tools are always easily accessible and can be moved from place to place at a moment's notice it makes sense to put them in a tool chest. For those who have an extensive tool collection it makes even more sense to use a rolling tool chest so you don't have to carry the heavy chest everywhere.

One of the big advantages with using a rolling tool chest is that it can be moved anywhere around the workshop or the home so that all your tools are kept together and close at hand. The smaller versions such as the smaller plastic Stanley rolling tool chest can easily be used off site as well by placing the chest into the car or the back of the truck.

These tool chests feature handy tool organizers and sections for loose items such as screws, bolts and nails. Some of them also come with side pockets that will enable you to place often needed tools apart from the rest of the storage space making them simple to reach.

Larger rolling tool chests are available with multiple drawers and are designed to be used within the workshop. As the job changes from one part of the room to the other the large steel rolling chest can simply be pushed into position so that the job can be completed without having to move around the workshop every time a new tool is needed.

It will largely depend on the number of tools that you own, where you will be using them the most and your budget that is going to dictate what type of rolling tool chest you will require. The smaller plastic tool chests such as the Stanley tool chest that was mentioned earlier are available at prices ranging anywhere from $50 up to $100. The larger metal workshop tool chests are available at higher prices although you should be able to get a very serviceable model for around $250.00.

When buying your rolling tool chest you will, of course, be concerned with the amount of storage space that it contains. But the rolling part of the design is also a critical factor. You should take the time to examine the wheels to get a good feel for how sturdy they are and whether they will provide you with a tool chest that will not be too much of a burden when you wish to move it. The wheels should roll smoothly and with little effort.

Having the use of a well-designed tool chest that can be rolled onto the site will ensure that there will be no hassle in keeping your entire tool collection close at hand while on the job.