Getting away for a little romance doesn’t mean you have to travel to a tropical, remote location. A good many people have something quite different in mind when they plan their holiday, and believe it or not, there are many tourists who really don’t like the heat. They prefer to head to a location where the ground is covered in snow and the air is cold and sharp.

A Minnesota romantic getaway can give them all that, and more. Spending time getting cozy in front of a roaring fire after a day of sun, wind and snow is what some people consider romantic.  Outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, and frolicking in the snow are often much more fun then lying on a beach to these people. They can find romance in the peaceful evening snowfall, where the air is so still you can almost hear the snowflakes falling.


Snuggling together in a warm, secluded cabin is often the most romantic thing in the world to a couple in love. No television, no phone, no outside interruptions, just peace and quiet, and each other for company. You can get this in Minnesota during the winter, and you may not want to come out until spring, but a weekend, or even a week will probably have to do. Then it will be time to head back to the real world, and your romantic interlude will be just a memory-until the next time.


Why not ask a travel agent to help you put together a little getaway for you and your partner? All it takes is a quick visit to find out all the details, and get information about this great state, as well as what activities are available at various times of the year. Just tell him or her what you have in mind, and your vacation can be planned in just a short time. Before you know it, you’ll be packing and on your way. Once you arrive and get settled in, there is nothing to do but enjoy yourself.


You may be surprised when you see the number of visitors who have the same thought in  mind. They have decided to forego the usual tropical vacation in favor of a place that offers more than swimming and lounging by the pool. Get out in the fresh air, take part in lots of exciting adventures, stretch those muscles, and enjoy the winter. There’s lots to do in Minnesota, and you owe it to yourself to try it at least once.