Host a Posh Party for a Proud Mum-to-Be and Her Little Princess

Let's start with the notion that "posh" doesn't necessarily mean "expensive".  For our purposes, posh simply means "elegant", and elegance is easily created with sparkle, sweetness, style and a touch of adorable. We'll start with the colour pink and take it from there!


Princess Graphic

Give the Guests a Royal Welcome!

The princess party is pretty popular, so it won't be hard for you to find princess-themed invitations. They're online, at your local party supply store or parked somewhere in your imagination. The computer makes it easy for you to design and produce charming, personalized baby shower invitations. Here's a little poem to help if you want to exercise your own creativity:

A princess fair is on her way, so help us celebrate the day!

With all our hearts, we hope you'll come to cheer the princess and "queen" mum!

People genuinely appreciate something unique, so you might want to try your hand at a DIY invitation. If not, no worries! Those same people love to be invited to parties!



Princess Cake(45825)

Decoration for the Coronation!

Shop online or at your local party supply store for princess party decorations. You'll have a super-huge selection of princess-pink plates, cups, napkins and props, so work within your budget to grace the room with royalty in your own creative way!     


Princess Decor

Candles always add a warm ambiance to a baby shower, and in the photo below, we also see how an elegantly designed cake becomes the centerpiece of a buffet table.


Princess Cake

If you want to make the centerpiece something really special that's also a terrific gift for the expectant parents, consider a themed diaper cake like the two examples below.

Princess Diaper CakePrincess Diaper Cake1

Food, Fun and Games!

Our baby shower theme lends itself perfectly to an afternoon tea party. Brew your favorite tea or have a variety of gourmet teas available. Serve finger foods like scone, mini quiches, finger sandwiches and other hors d'oeuvres (which you can make yourself or purchase already prepared, though you might have to bake the pre-packaged hors d'oeuvres). With cake, biscuits or cupcakes for dessert, you've provided a delightful buffet.


Princess Table

You'll have to determine, based on the invited guests, whether they would enjoy baby shower games or simply prefer to chat. If you decide to go with baby shower games, you'll find plenty online to download for free or at your local party supplies store. Here's one in particular that's perfect for a princess-themed baby shower--"Pin the Crown on the Princess."


Princess Game

Attention, creative and craft folks! As you can see, this game would be incredibly easy to draw up yourself to save a bit of money.

Make Your Favours Part of the Fantasy!

Please don't forget the baby shower favours, because they graciously thank your guests for sharing the day. Besides, who doesn't like to get little gifties? Of course, you'll want to stay with the princess theme, and your favours can be as simple as pink Jordan almonds wrapped in pink tulle and tied with a satin bow. To really  impress your guess with your party-hosting skills, look for eye-catching favours that fit the theme as well as your budget, like these...

Sugar and SpiceEnchanted Carriage

By the end of your princess-themed baby shower, guests will be bowing to you in recognition of the superb event you handled so masterfully. Long live the princess!