The structure of our hair is a major component of our beauty. Many women nowadays are dreaming about having it smooth, silky and straight! However, no matter how many temporary straightening methods they use, their mane is still curly or frizzy. Changing the structure of our hair is possible only by using restructuring chemicals. However, one question appears: how dangerous are these chemicals for the health of our follicles?

If we talk about chemical hair straightening, there are several available options, each of them having its particular features. For example, relaxers are considered the most dangerous, especially the ones based on sodium hydroxide. Brazilian keratin treatment and cold smoothing, on the other hand, are semi permanent treatments - they make your tresses straight only for 4-6 months, after which you’ll have to repeat the procedure.

Japanese thermal hair straightening, also called thermal reconditioning, is considered the best permanent straightening procedure available nowadays. Its results are permanent and retouches are necessary only for the new growth. After this treatment, your mane will be perfectly straight, at the same time having a manageable, silky and soft texture.

Most stylists claim that thermal reconditioning is safe for all types of hair, even if it is damaged. However, some basic precautions should still be taken. If your hair is severely damaged after a previous perming or highlighting, it’s better to wait for several months until it will partially heal.

The best candidates for this procedure are people with virgin uncolored hair, especially if it is strong and coarse. If you have thin and delicate locks or African-American hair, it’s better to try another straightening treatment.

The most important thing in thermal reconditioning is the skill of the technician. Don’t go to a salon that has little or no experience in working with chemicals - you risk severely burning your locks, which can become even frizzier than before.

The cost of thermal reconditioning can oscillate between $400 and $1000 for one treatment. It depends on the salon, the length and structure of your hair as well as the brands of the used products.

Permanent straightening is a dream come true for many women with naturally curly or wavy hair. Just imagine - you will be able to wake up every morning, brush your hair and go to work! No more straightening irons, exhausting blow drying sessions and prayers of the ‘please let it not rain’ type. You’ll be able to let your hair grow or maybe try a short haircut - with a straight, easy to style hair, everything is possible!

However, don’t forget to be careful: before deciding to undergo a chemical treatment, analyze your options and don’t forget about testing the straightening substance on a small strand first. If done properly, thermal reconditioning will also make your hair shining - just like you’ve always wanted!