We all have been there and done that; your driving home from work and your stomach is grumbling and screaming at you because the die that you are on is depriving it of its precious unhealthy calories. You see the big, vibrant golden arches up in the distance and try to resist the temptation, but for some reason the air conditioning that is coming out of the vents in your car begins to smell like the mac sauce that is on a Big Mac! You ultimately turn into the parking lot and order a combo #2 in the drive-thru. This article was designed to help you though those once-in-a-year times that you can't resist the temptation.

I went out and asked for nutritional charts from my favourite 3 fast food restaurants: Mcdonalds, Subway, and Wendys. I have studied those charts and hand picked out the 3 best food choices for the times when you can't fight the temptation.


-Double Cheeseburger-For those of you that must have a hamburger, this is the best choice. It has a mere 235 calories, and allows you to consume a fair share of protein because of the beef and cheese that are included in it.

-McChicken Sandwich-Amazing choice because of the healthy share of chicken included, and with only 350 calories its not too bad. Tell them to keep the mayonnaise!

-Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad-The healthiest choice of a side dish in my opinion because as stated in the article entitled Stupendous Salads: How To Spice Up Your Salad, salads are amazing for losing weight. Tell them to keep the dressing!


Jr. Cheeseburger-I love this hamburger, and the fact that it is the lowest calorie choice in terms of hamburgers is perfect! With only 270 calories it tops the Wendys list.

Baked Potato-Choose this instead of salty, carbohydrate packed fries. It boasts 265 calories, but these calories are made up of positive carbohydrates rather than the negative ones in fries.

Chilli-This side dish has less calories than the potato t 220 calories, but the quality of the calories are not as great as the previous choice; however, if it tickles your taste buds, this is still a healthy choice.


Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich-340 calories and really filling. Plus you are consuming a lot of great protein with the chicken breast that is included.

Turkey Breast Sandwich-325 calories, and the protein is just as good as the chicken breast; it just a matter of personal preference for taste.

Veggie Delite Sandwich-300 calories, not much protein, but with the reduced calorie count it is still a great choice.

This article is not promoting the consumption of fast foods, but it is directing you in which ones to eat if you MUST eat them. N There are other choices on the menu of these places that are somewhat healthy choices; however, I deem these as the healthiest choices. If you already enjoy these choices when you go to eat fast food then it is an added bonus! Please try to avoid fast foods when you are trying to lose weight through nutrition, but f you must have them, be sure to use this guide as a reference.