A Selection of Justin Bieber Party Favors for Kids

Justin Bieber Party Favors

A Selection of Justin Bieber Party Favors for Kids

A Selection of Justin Bieber Party Favors for Kids

In a very short time, Justin Bieber has managed to become a huge icon for children of this generation courtesy, his songs which have become smash hits. His popularity means that he has become one of the more popular themes for kids’ birthday parties. To get children excited about your kid’s birthday party, you want to come up with some cool Justin Bieber party favors to send them home with.

The most endearing of Bieber for children is his age and his style. So kids near his age give or take a few years, want to emulate him as much as they can and in the process make their loyalties known. They also want to make their own style statement by combining his style with their own. that means children want to wear tees and T-shirts just like he does.

That is exactly why Bieber shirts are the most popular party favor with kids attending birthday parties. Depending on their age and gender, you will find custom shirts with Bieber’s face or pose printed on them in different sizes. Remember to give them each a different kind of shirt with respect to shades and colors so that they all have a unique gift.

On the other hand, if you want to plan some activity which requires some team work, you want to give them the same T-shirts. To differentiate each T-shirt from the one that other kids receive, you can print or even paint their names on the back of their T-shirts. Associating the Bieber T-shirts with activities, particular those involving a team means that they are forming a different bond sharing a common theme.

There are also other things that children use to show whom they idolize or who their favorite icons are. Pin back buttons are one such small item. Accordingly, pin back buttons with Justin Bieber’s face painted on them are a great inclusion among the other Justin Bieber party favors. You can find packs of 1-inch Justin Bieber pin back buttons at almost any online store selling party favors.  

As with the pin back buttons, calendars are also things that people use to show others what their interests. And accordingly, miniature calendars, featuring 10 different Justin Bieber photos should be a part of your Bieber party favor pack. Calendars, since they have more photos, are a better idea than simple cards that have Justin Bieber on them.

For children who are aged less than 10 school bags will be a great party favor for any theme. But since the theme of your child’s birthday party here is Justin Bieber, you want to give them Justin Bieber school bags. What’s more, you can even convert the school bag into a party favor bag so that children can empty all their favors at home and use it for school.

There are many other ideas for Justin Bieber party favors, but the ones mentioned above are just the most popular. You should also consider making some custom Bieber favors that are associated solely with the party event such as games and activities.