Before we go too far I should probably tell you a little bit about the senior citizen and explain what the heck an InfoBarrel is.

The senior citizen is a 72 year old male, me, who is described by some as fairly normal. (Not by any close friends or family however.) I have spent a number of years building blogs promoting affiliate products and also devoted a number of those same years to a large, growing hosting/software company where for some unknown reason they paid me quite well to do support work, make training videos and conduct live training classes in an online conference room.

I have written and submitted a number of articles over the years to article directories such as Ezinearticles where I am listed as an "Expert Author". Those articles were written in an effort to get traffic and backlinks to my various affiliate blogs which is a standard tactic used by most affiliate marketers.

I have been aware of sites that accept articles and pay the author a share of income derived from Adsense, Amazon and other affiliate programs advertised in those articles. I have actually written a few articles for such places, namely Squidoo and Hubpages but could never get too excited about sharing revenue with article directories when I could write for my own sites and keep all the income.

Sometimes We Succeed In Spite Of Ourselves

However life sometimes manages to get in the way and through no brillance on my part I discovered and then purchased a book with the strange title of InfoBarrel Success. It was written by a couple of gentlemen named, Howie Romans and Jason Mayer. Howie is an active duty army officer and Jason is a full time prison guard.

Because I have been both a soldier and a police officer I figured I might be able to understand what these guys who write under the pseudo names of, x3xsolxdierx3x and jcmayer777, were talking about. As it turned out they were actually talking in plain, easy to understand English about a place named InfoBarrel from where each of them had been and continue to receive significant amounts of income through their efforts of writing and submitting articles on any subject that strikes their fancy.

After reading their book I wandered over to InfoBarrel with just a few keyboard clicks and signed on. With a little snooping through the extremely friendly forum on the site I further learned that quite a few authors are collecting payments from the site after submitting articles. I won't spend a lot of time describing everything available on InfoBarrel or how the payment structure works. If you are interested you can take a look at the site and actually browse through the forum through this link.

It was at this point that I began to understand how InfoBarrel could be a major funding source for my long time dream of traveling with my best friend and wife, they are both the same person by the way, to exotic places throughout the U.S. Now, having explained a little about the subjects involved, you can learn why the senior citizen writes for InfoBarrel and why it might be a good idea for you to do the same.

Sometimes You Need To Focus

There comes a time in life where if you are of sound mind and weak body you began to spend considerable time on a couple of major themes such as getting into heaven and providing for a wife who has dedicated her life to keeping you happy. The first theme involves lots of time on your knees praying, apologizing and trying to make excuses for things you have done that may not look too impressive on the heaven resume. The second theme involves devising methods for keeping income from your previous labors flowing to the wife after you are no longer around. A little prayer might not hurt here either.

Websites of course can be very profitable but my wife has no interest in babysitting websites or blogs. Without adequate maintenance those sites can quickly lose their value. So how to keep an income stream flowing? AHA! That InfoBarrel thingy and perhaps a few other similar sites.

Once you write articles and make sure they are properly written and researched so the search engines can find them they can increase in value over time. The longer they exist  more folks may find them and click on an Adsense ad or click through to Amazon and make a purchase, all of which puts income in your account.

Now the plan is obvious. Why not build a body of articles at InfoBarrel and as long as that site stays active they should continue to earn income. No need to purchase domains or babysit blogs. Once the articles are written they work kinda like a stock or mutual fund. They can continue to earn income.

My wife and I spent 9 years making weekly trips between Michigan and Indiana to allow her to help her family care for their ailing mother. While my wife was busy with Grandma I would spend hours at various Martins supermarkets where there was a Starbucks coffee shop inside. These places offered free Wi-Fi which allowed me to continue to write articles and build my sites.

In fact for many years I actually conducted my online training classes from those places. It did not take too long for me to notice that in addition to Starbucks where there was an unlimited supply of coffee, tea and all kinds of stuff that the wife would never allow me to eat at home, they also had a full salad bar and deli. Yeah I know. Tough duty but sometimes ya gotta sacrifice.

Here's The Good Part

The plan now comes together. First build up enough articles to began enjoying income. Then considering the upcoming extremely high cost of gas, purchase a Ford Ranger pick up truck, because of it's high mileage potential, and because it will, with the proper available gear ratio, easily pull a 23 foot travel trailer weighing in at a little over 5000 pounds. Purchase a new or used travel trailer at discount prices because of the gas crisis.

Place a cover of some sort on the back of the pickup so we can carry extra food and drink coolers, my research books and even my photo copy stand. We still sell a lot of books on line and I use the photo stand to get images. We should be able to find some good book buys at yard sales and the odd library book sale during our travels and just wrap them and ship them from where ever we are when they sell.

Then simply either get Wi-Fi or stop once a day at a coffee shop or other "hot spot" where they offer free Wi-Fi, and perhaps some of the other goodies mentioned earlier,  check email and submit a daily article to Infobarrel to keep new additional income flowing. Because the trailer has all the necessary accommodations we could actually stop at truck stops over night without cost. Once or twice a week stop at a real campground to dump waste and fill the water tanks and sit in the sunlight for hours reading and writing additional articles and meeting other world travelers.

The high cost of gas will most likely keep costs at campgrounds and other locations and trailer purchase prices low. We hate checking in and out of motels as we travel so hauling our own "motel" should solve that problem and will save a tremendous amount of motel fees. However spending the odd night in a real motel is always a pleasure just to get your feet on solid ground.

So there you have it. A travel package designed to take advantage of the bargain prices brought on by high gas prices and a method to finance the travel by writing short articles and submitting them to InfoBarrel. We might even write interesting articles about the trips and the places we visit to keep readers (and potential Adsense clickers and Amazon customers), coming back for more while hopefully encouraging  others, like you perhaps, senior or not, to read, write and travel. Like that motel 6 guy on the radio says, "We'll keep a light on for ya but it will be at the truck stop".

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