Mark Cuban was born in 1958, and is best known for being the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, as well as for being on the hit reality TV show Shark Tank on ABC.

Cuban was born in Pittsburgh, PA where he grew up to a fairly well off family. His father was an auto upholsterer. Cuban started off as a businessman at a young age, starting a variety of various businesses throughout his childhood, including going door to door selling garbage bags.

Mark would end up attending the University of Pittsburgh, and eventually transferring to Indiana University. He had decided on that college by picking the least expensive tuition on the top 10 business school list he had read.

After graduating college Cuban decided to move to Dallas, where he started out working as a bartender. He later worked for a PC software company, where he was eventually fired from. Afterwards Cuban started a company called MicroSolutions, which he later sold to CompuServe for $6 million. Cuban was able to net around $2 million on the deal after paying his partners and taxes. 

After the sale Cuban started a website called Audionet, which later became Broadcast later few to $13.5 million in revenue and 300+ employees. It was later acquired by Yahoo! for $5.9 billion in Yahoo stock, which Cuban sold.

Cuban has had a lot of other business ventures, including purchasing Magnolia Pictures, Landmark Theaters, and ASTV. He has also been on a lot of TV shows, including Entourage, The Benefactor, Real Time with Bill Maher, Like Mike, WWE Raw, and of course Shark Tank. Mark Cuban continues to be a popular player on Shark Tank, and who knows what Mark will decide to pursue next.

Cuban’s life hasn't exactly been completely controversy free. Cuban has been the center of several different controversies and scandals throughout his career, none of which have been too serious. Cuban is known as a man who speaks his mind and isn't concerned what others say about him. In 2008 Cuban was accused by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about a violation of the insider trading laws. Cuban allegedly had sold his stock with insider knowledge that would save him approximately $750,000. Later in 2013 the Texas Jury found Cuban not guilty of the charges. Cuban was very public with his beliefs on the SEC afterwards and has since created a company called Cyberdust that allows users to have their txt messages erased after the other party has seen them, similar to Snapchat. 

Cuban has also been fined several times by the National Basketball Association(NBA) for various violations. It is estimated that he has been fined somewhere in the multimillion dollars in fines, particularly for sling his temper and speaking negatively about league policies and referees. Cuban has also stated that he matches any NBA fine with a charitable donation of the same amount. 

Recently in 2014 Cuban was commenting on the controversial Donald Sterling case, which involved Donald Sterling making racist comments caught on a recorded phone call. Cuban had stated that we all had prejudices, black or white and in a way helped defend Donald Sterling. There was a lot of backlash particularly in the media and online about Cuban saying that everyone has prejudices. 

It is unlikely that Cuban’s business career will slow down anytime soon, as the Mavericks continue to gain traction and fans and the show ABC’s Shark Tank in which Cuban is featured continues to gain more viewers. Cuban likely has a strong career ahead of him still and the controversy will likely stay with him as well.

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