Summer is the season of barbecues and bonfires.  It is also high season for travelling here in the midwest.  So, in these next few months, most of us will host more guests than we do in all the other seasons combined. What can you do to help your guests feel at home?  Whatever the occassion, these simple tips will ensure your guests enjoyment.

1.  Tissues!
While cold season is on its way out, allergy season is in full effect.  Keep a box of tissues around the house so your allergy ridden aunt doesn't have to use your toilet Sweet TeaCredit:

2.  Tea!
At least in Indiana, tea is the top drink choice for the summer months.  Keep a pitcher of tea fresh in the fridge.  This can be cheap and easy.  You can buy tea bags made to brew a gallon of tea.  Goodwill often has gallon pitchers on sale.  Score these two things and you're good to go.

3.  Extra! Extra!
While I don't condone hoarding, it is nice to keep a few extra things around the house for your guests.  Keep some extra beach towels clean, a couple pairs of sunglasses and (if you can find room) a couple extra bikes!  And, if you don't have an extra bed, invest in a couple of air mattresses.

4.  Protection!
First, not everyone is made for the sun.  Keep a bit of sunblock around to prevent the pain.  But, burns are sometimes inevitable, so keep the aloe around for reliefSecond, summer is the season of bugs.  Keep the critters from crawling in by applying a spray repellent to the foundation of your house.

5. Dessert!
Nothing tops of a stay like an ice cream sundae.  Keep some extra ice cream in the freezer for the folks who have a sweet tooth.  If you're looking for repeat customers, get some fruit and chocolate syrup to top it off.

Keep these things in mind while you prepare your home for your summer guests and they'll be sure to enjoy their time with you.  But!  Don't forget, they are coming because they want to be with you.  Don't get so caught in being a host that you forget to be their friend.  Happy hosting!

Can you think of other helpful summer hosting tips?  Feel free to post them here!