Sitting at the table looking out the window and watching empty streets with occasional pedestrians passing by. Their blank expression as they are hurrying to their destinations make it difficult to imagine what is on their mind. These past years, looking at clouds in the sky and seeing different animals, objects, and monsters had now changed to looking at people walking by and imagining what their business might be. As of recent I've noticed, almost everyone seemed to be talking on the phone as they babble senseless words in loud voices. Perhaps to the other person, if they were actually talking to another person, these loud rants would have some meaning. But for now they just seem like gibberish. Then again, perhaps they are speaking in a new language that I cannot yet understand.

The seasons change along with the clothing on the people or does the clothing actually dictate what the season is... What is it that determines what people wear? Is it just the weather and climate or what people tell each other is the proper thing to wear at that time of day, month, year, or occasion. Now look at that old man pulling his cart. He makes a living by selling aluminum cans he collects on the street and sometimes, when no one's looking, removes them from waste bins attached to the soda vending machines. What determines what he wears? How long does he intend to live this kind of living? Does he retire to a home when he can no longer find cans to turn in for cash? What are his plans for the future.

Now take my neighbors kid, Ken. Ken was brat, smaller than most of the kids his age but twice the nuisance. It always seemed that he was actually two people in one body. The very naughty and rambunctious imp when visiting but an angel when wanting something from his parents. Most peculiar child and an interesting subject to study as he matures. However, disappointingly he never ripened into an adult, or so it seemed. Living with his parents until he was 45, still self centered and cantankerous but Momma's boy when in doubt. What kind of wife would he have, I wonder. Of if a wife of any kind would have him.

I was leaving to get some shopping and as I left, I locked the door and remembered I forgot something. I unlocked the door and as I opened it, I remembered I had already placed my keys in my bag. I closed the door and proceeded to lock it again. Then I remembered that I forgot to turn off the light. As I re-entered the door, I remembered that I forgot something that I thought I had placed in my bag, maybe I dropped it outside the door. I looked outside and it wasn't there so I... I can't leave my room until I find it I need it for... I... I think I need to buy some shopping but I... I need to... I need to sit down and have a nice cup of tea. It's always so tiring after outside to go shopping. All those people constantly talking on the phone, you know they probably don't have any idea what they are talking about. Did I lock the door? It should be locked, I haven't been out of my room all day. I wonder how little Ken is doing. He was such a naughty little boy.

As you get older, sometimes your memory fails you. But you know, I remember everything that happened last year, 5 years ago, and even 50 years ago. I really used to enjoy watching people walking by and seeing what they look like. You know, like clouds...