Should I get a new car or a used one?

Statistics show that most if not all teenagers want to have their own vehicle. They have to be conscious that in a certain amount of time they are going to own at least one.

Some families that live in rural places need a car just simply because they need to get around and buy food.

A new car could be very expensive, but a used one might just be the best solution.

When buying a car you should take into consideration that you need to pay for gas, maintain it and insure the vehicle.

Instead of buying a car that you cannot afford and you need to get a loan, don’t forget that you might end up paying more than its worth so try purchasing a used car that you can afford.

Before buying an automobile you might want to check its safety features and some useful information about the gas economy online.

Where should I search for a new car?

If you are shopping for a new car you might find a better deal online. Try shopping for a car at the end of December since dealers have to make their target and you could find a better bargain.

Even the summer can be a good time to buy a car because the dealers are making room for the newer models. At the end of the month they can also offer you a better deal since the dealer has monthly quotas (the number of cars he needs to sell by the end of each month).

If you are shopping for a used automobile make sure to take a mechanic with you to check out the vehicle. You should be aware of the scam artists out there.

A factory-certified car will spice up the price a bit but it will have a bonus, the warranty.

You must also remember to check out their return policy. As a teen you will need an adult co-signor if you need to finance your car. You shouldn’t rely solely on the auto company for financing.

A few things about loans and leasing...

There are some things you should know if you need to make a loan:

- Make sure you know and understand the loan terms;

- Get the shortest time period you can manage;

- If you have extra money you can pay the loan earlier;

- Put as much money down as you can.

If you choose to buy the car by leasing it, it is like renting (you pay a specific amount for a specific period), you should know that most leases require you to be 18 or older and you might need to have a credit history.

You could be listed as a regular driver by the adult that has to take out the lease and the insurance.

Don’t forget you need to reside in the same house or neighborhood as the person who leases.

A good thing about leasing is that many dealers don’t require a down payment. You don’t have to worry about selling the vehicle at the end of the lease you can just give it back.

The bad thing is that leasing is always a little more expensive than buying, especially if you are paying cash. Most dealers limit the number of miles you can drive and if you drive over that specific mileage you have to pay steep penalties.

You are responsible for repairs and insurance no matter what. Before buying an automobile you need to make sure that you can afford all the expenses that come with driving and owning a car.

If you consider that you can’t afford to properly maintain the desired vehicle you should buy a cheaper one. 

Maintenance and Insurance

Be sure to use the gas octane that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Don’t forget to take good care of your vehicle, it will depreciate less and you can sell it for a better price.

Make sure you change the oil every 5,000 miles.

Check the engine for any leaking regularly and at the same time make sure that all the fluids are above the lower limit.

You should check your tires pressure on a monthly basis, and of course if you are going on a long trip. Forgetting or avoiding this can affect you gas mileage, safety and ride comfort.

You should check the tires for any tread wear, and switch the front ones with the back ones every 6,000 miles, this way they will wear the same.

Align and balance your tires every 12,000 miles.

As far as insurance goes, if you are a teen and still in high school insurance can be sky high. If you have taken a formal driving course and have good grades you may pay a little less for insurance.

Depending on where you live, the insurance rates can be different for the same car model.

If you own a garage you might also get a better deal. The mileage you drive every year will affect the insurance rate.

The worst thing about insurance is that being a teen will affect the most on the insurance rate. Try to keep a clean driving record, look for a good student discount, in order to reduce the insurance.

Older cars have lower insurance rates.

You should also try to avoid getting involved in car accidents. You can improve your overall safety by not talking on a cell phone while driving, not texting messages, concentrate on the road, wear seatbelts, adapt your speed for the weather conditions, use your signals, don’t drink or use drugs and don’t speed.