One of the coolest aspects about the Internet is it gives us the ability to earn money following our passions.

Work hard enough and smart enough then you can end up quitting your job and working full time for yourself as you pursue your passions.

A passion is something that you would do even if you were not paid for it.

An example of this is if you would say your passion in life is mountain biking. You may be wondering how in the hell you can make money mountain biking. If you know what your passion is then you're already halfway towards making money with your passion.

Mountain Bike PassionCredit: Flickr/JohnONolan

Each day you get up and grab your mountain bike and go for a ride. You do this because you love riding your mountain bicycle. When you get home from work you ride your mountain bike and when you go to bed at night you read mountain bike magazines. If you would pass up sex to pursue your passion then you have found one of your true passions in life.

Now that you know what your passion is how do you monetize it? Well the good news is there's many ways to monetize your passion to create a stream of income that will grow each month.

You could start a vlog where you provide mountain biking tips. You publish your vlogs on YouTube and then you can earn income from the ads that are placed on your videos if you're part of the Adsense program. It is easy to become part of the Adsense program with YouTube as long as you follow their rules.

You can also start a blog where you write bicycle articles. Don’t write articles about what you think people want to know but instead write articles about things that you want to share. Right about the passionate aspects of mountain biking that you love and the audience will eventually grow and grow and get larger.

Now that you are vlogging and blogging about mountain biking you now have an audience.

You now will want to use an email capture software such as Aweber.

Aweber will allow you to provide an email sign up list on your website. People can easily opt-in to getting on your mailing list.

As your list grows you will send out a weekly newsletter of interesting information tips and topics related to the niche that you're involved in. initially don't try to sell anything with your mailing list. You’re simply by looking to form a relationship with the people who sign up for additional information from you.

Now that you're vlogging, blogging, and building an email list you know need to develop your own product.

Use your expertise and provide products such as an eBook or a training series. If your expertise is mountain biking then you should have a wealth of information that you can share. Let’s say you write an eBook and you title it "mountain biking for beginners: how to ride like a pro biker in 30 days or less"

You will then develop a product page on your website for you promote it and explain the benefits of buying your book. You can now begin advertising the book to your email list as well as a wide variety of other audiences. Some of the books and products you develop will be very successful and earn you a nice stream of income, while other products you develop will not sell very well at all. Instead of stressing out about the product that fails, you should instead see it as a learning experience you can use to help make your next product better or to hit a more targeted niche.

at this point you're earning money from Adsense for your vlogging, you're earning Adsense from YouTube for your YouTube channel on mountain biking, you're earning money from sales of your own products, you're earning money from quality affiliate products that you promote on your blog, and you can also sell additional products to your email list.

This is simply a basic blueprint of how many people make a lot of money online by pursuing their passion.

As you get going to become successful you will continually make and expand your product line more and focus on building your email list even larger to make more money, but you may also decide to pursue another passion that you have.

If you're also interested in something else such as say, model railroading, then you can follow the same basic blueprint to duplicate your success but using a new niche that you are also passionate about.

If you can build up your email list using Aweber to 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, or even more subscribers then you can be rolling in the money and much more successful then you may have ever believed possible.

For new internet marketers building an email list probably is the hardest part. don't worry about it too much because as you do continually work to build your internet marketing list you will get better at it and learn more strategies that work for your own personal approach.

If your working 9 to 5 job and you hate being a slave to your boss and want to work on your own following your dreams then there is no better venue for success then the modern Internet.

You can start right now by turning off your computer, grab a spiral bound notebook and a pen, and start jotting down some of your passions. Once you find out what one of your true passions that you want to follow and you like to do each day regardless of whether you get paid for it or not, then you can begin working the rest of the plan.

Internet marketing can be extremely hard for people new to the industry and there is a lot of misinformation being passed around and sold to people who are new to the industry and uneducated about internet marketing.

Once you have defined your path it is important that you stick with it until you begin to experience some success.

Many people start following a plan similar to this one but they give up too soon never realizing how close they were to actually becoming successful doing it.

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