General Watch Guidelines

Watches for men are complex mechanical wonders which can get quite expensive depending on the materials they’re made from, the brand they belong to and there’s quite a lot of diversity choose from out there.

What are a few basic things you should be looking for when shopping for a new watch?

  • When is the watch going to be worn?

  • What will you use the watch for? Are you going to use it only when you go to work or out for a run? Are you going to use it when going out with someone to create a general good impression?

  • Is a high-end watch the best match for you?
  • What's the amount of money are you willing to spend on a new watch? You should know that a basic watch won’t cost you more than 25$ and will keep time perfectly, but certain high-end watch makers can demand a huge price tag for just one of their timepieces.


Common Watch Types

If you’ve decided of a watch type that goes with your wardrobe and with the type of work you do, then it’s time to move onto a more complicated choice: the watch type.

There are several types of watches to choose from depending on a few factors:

Analog Watches

The analog watch is the most basic king of watch, since it uses mechanical hands to show the time on a circular dial.

It’s a perfect choice for business meetings or to take on formal meetings and dates.

Digital Watches

Digital watches are a newer breed of watches that have been around for a few decades. They use a liquid crystal display to show the time in numeric form. They are perfect as everyday watches to take to work if you’re not attending business meetings or other types of formal events. 

Hybrid Watches - Analog/Digital Watches

Analog-digital watches are the best of both worlds.

They carry both the classic circular dial with mechanical hands and the digital display. They are best suited for daily use. They won’t go that well during a formal event or a business meeting.

Watches by Mechanism Type

There are three major watch types which opeate differently and use either mechanical or digital timekeeping. 

The Digital Watch

Digital watches are powered by a very small battery. These types of batteries are easy to find and replace.

The Quartz Watch

Quartz watches depend on an osciallting crystal to keep the time. They are the most accurate watch types and only loose up to one minute each year. 

The Mechanical Watch

The mechanical watch uses a complex system of gears and springs to move the hands on the dial and display time.

They are usually the most expensive type, since a lot of work has been put into them. Unfortunatelly, they are not that precise, since they can loose up an a hour per year and they need constant winding.

Mechanical watches can be split up into two very similar categories: the hand wind watches and the automatic wind watches. 

  • Hand-Wind Watches

The hand wind watches require you to wind the central spring about every 40 hours, or the spring looses tension and the watch stops.

  • Automatic Watches

The automatic watch keeps winding itself with the users movement. These are perfect for busy people which tend to forget to wind the watch on a regular basis.