How can people say that other people are bad because they lie? Many religious people say that a sin is a sin and they equate that with murder. These bible thumpers say that lying is a sin that is equal to murder. If you lie it is the same as murder. I ask these people, what do you tell your kids at Christmas time about Santa Claus? Yep, just as I thought. That means you lie and in your world that is equal to murder because a sin is a sin right?

These radical Christians need to pull their head out of their butt and use some common sense. You try to judge other people yet you should look inside your closet. I know you got some skeletons hanging in there.

I have no problem with religion in general, but if you try to pass what you perceive to be logic on me then I will call you on it. If a sin is a sin then everybody is going to hell.

No Interpretation needed on the bible

Some people believe that there is no room for interpretation. They state that the bible is very clear on what is allowed. It is black and white. Yes and no. When I ask these extremists if it is OK to marry and have sex with their 13 year old daughter, because it must be OK for they did it in the bible, they then tell me that times have changed. OK, do we take the bible literally or not Mr. and Mrs. Extremist?

False Idols

I get told that we "cannot bear witness to false idols." Really, you're going to throw that out? Think about that for a minute and then re-ask me. I as a person who does not read the bible very often may take offense at that assuming that you mean I cannot bow down to the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

Freedom Of Religion

Many radical religious people believe in the American freedom known as "Freedom of Religion", as long as it is their religion. Each religion believes they are on the right path, but the Mormons, Catholics, Scientologists, Muslims, and all other religions could not be further from the right path. The right path is caring for your fellow man and supporting there endeavors regardless of if they follow your beliefs or not.

If a heavily tattooed man shows up at your church will you welcome him? Will you invite him to the neighborhood barbeque? Most of you will all say yes, but a lot of you won't.

"If you're Not My Religion Then You is bound to Hell!"

I love it when I am told I am not on the right path and am bound to hell because I don't go to a certain church. Really, you actually think that huh? Do you also think the Amish people are going to hell for being sinners because they don't follow your beliefs or go to your church?

Roman Mythology

The Romans were strong believers in what we now perceive and classify to be Roman Mythology. To us it is mythology what they believed in but look at all the various religions out there now. What the Romans believed in has more basis in factuality then some of the religions out there today, and they had some beliefs that were weird.

Native Americans

I personally believe the Native Americans had some awesome religious beliefs, that is until the white man came and wiped out their traditional sense of being. The Amish might seem a bit odd but overall they are some great people, but the Native Americans were linked to the earth and stars. They had a spiritual connection that was born of being with the environment and not pumped in to them from a speaker at the pulpit.

True Freedom of Religion

True freedom of religion will not be accepted by most mainstream churches. Will the largest churches in the United States accept the Tattoos and Piercings Church? Seriously, that's a so called religion and I can guarantee that many other religions will think they are evil because they believe in getting tattoos and piercings.

Join My Church

There are so many churches out there now days that I want to start my own church so I can also experience true freedom of religion. My church will be called the church of Marijuana and Boobies. We spend Sundays, actually Sunday is football so we will hold our services on Tuesdays, and spend our time drinking Mountain Dew, Smoking Weed, and comparing boobies.

You and you fellow church members might talk down to us as if it was not what God wanted for us but I guarantee you God likes boobies and marijuana. He created Marijuana and Boobies, for all of us on earth to enjoy.

Do you think these religious views of mine are weird? If you do then you may also need to look at some of the religious views you hold and imagine yourself as an outsider and the way the outsider would perceive your views. Yep, you are just as strange as me!