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Finish What You Start

Newly crowned New Jersey Housewife villainess, Teresa Giudice, wore her title well at the reunion. The author of the 'Skinny Italian' cookbook was contemptuous and nothing seemed to faze the feisty housewife, even when her sister-in-law told her she was "turning evil."

Channeling her 'Tough Girl' persona, Giudice obstinately clashed with all the other women, contradicting almost everything they said. Her behavior, however, should not have been a surprise to anyone. She is, after all, the same hot-tempered housewife that flipped a table in a moment of rage in season one and then in another heated moment in season 2, she pushed reunion show host Andy Cohen causing him to fall back into his seat like a rag doll.

Noticeably absent from the reunion was housewife Jaqueline Laurita, according to Caroline Manzo the reason Laurita failed to attend was because of an "incident" she had with Giudice. "She felt she could not go to the reunion and look at Teresa" claimed Manzo. For her part, Giudice simply said "She started something, she should have finished it!" Evidently fans will be able to see the "incident" between these two New Jersey Housewives in season 4 which is currently being filmed.

'Fabulicious' caused a 'Fight-A-Licuois'

A large bone of contention for the other women was Giudice’s newest cookbook 'Fabulicious,' wherein she made some incendiary comments about the other women on the show, including her cousin Kathy Wakile, sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, Caroline Manzo and Caroline's son Christopher. Giudice denied the comments were anything other than jokes, claiming her words were "funny" and not insulting.

Although Giudice said Manzo was 1/16 Italian in her book, Manzo claimed the cookbook was just "icing on the cake" and that Giudice had said several things over the years in an attempt to create a negative perception in her mind of Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile. It has also been reported that Giudice is stepping on a lot of toes by entering into similar business ventures as the other women causing unwanted competition.

Is it Really Always about You

Giudice may have had success with her first cookbook 'Skinny Italian' but at the reunion she acted more like a 'Self-centered' Italian. Coming-off as extremely narcissistic, she seemed to find a way to interject herself into almost every conversation. Even when Kathy Wakile talked about her daughter Victoria's brain surgery at the age of 10 to remove a "tennis ball size tumor," saying her daughter never asked "why me?"  Giudice found a way to bring the conversation right back to her, saying; "…I was at the hospital every day…it was so traumatic for me…that’s why I always have a positive attitude…"  Wakile had a different recollection, saying that while Teresa was at the hospital, she didn’t believe she was there every day.

Not the Real McCoy or Picasso for that Matter

After rumors surfaced that Joe and Teresa Giudice's items would be sold at an auction to pay off debts, sources reported that photos were taken of items in the Giudice home. Teresa explained that while there was no auction, items in her home were photographed because "They said that we had Picasso paintings worth $50,000." Reunion host Andy Cohen then said "By the way, a Picasso would be worth like 50 million dollars," and when Teresa replied that her husband would never go for a Picasso painting, Cohen answered "I don’t think he could, with all due respect to your husband."

Jersey Housewife Jargon

When the housewives were not feuding they were trying to communicate using a unique and somewhat garbled vocabulary. Clips from the series were aired showing the women and some of their husbands uttering sentences such as "Youse are both the same way, youse like the same things [and] youse are both flashy."  "I love the ‘worth’ [work] ethic in her." "If anything, he has a ‘worth ethnic’ [work ethic]…" "Come on ‘standama’ (stamina)." "The music, it just 'envelopes' [envelops] you." [There are] "like a million 'ingrediences' [ingredients]… like 'comen' [cumin]." While singing "Amazing Grace," Melissa sang "…that saved a 'wench' [wretch] like me," and when referring to a 'sandwich,' Teresa pronounced it "sangwhich." However, don’t look for any linguistic changes soon as Giudice said "I guess it's my language and I like it, I'm not gonna change who I am." One thing is for sure, Giudice was able to correctly articulate these two words: "Go Scratch!" (Something she said to Caroline during a disagreement.)

Blood may be Thicker than Water, but what about a 'Fabellini'

Although Giudice belligerently quarreled with all the housewives, her two family members, Melissa Gorga (sister-in-law) and Kathy Wakile (cousin), said they hoped to work things out. Caroline Manzo, on the other hand, felt differently. She claimed Giudice was the cause of a falling out she had with her sister Dina and said she was not interested in repairing the relationship, calling it more of an acquaintance rather than a friendship.  Manzo said "Blood is thicker than water" and she would do anything for her family. She also said that one day she and Dina would reconcile but as far as Giudice was concerned, there was no relationship.

For her part, Giudice is so busy with her business projects, one of which is her new "Fabellini" sparkling wine drink, that she probably won't slow down to notice who her friends are, if she still has any.

Why Can't We Be Friends

In a few years The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be a faint memory and a question in some trivia game, but for the women on the show it will still be their lives and things that happen can generate negative repercussions in the years to come.

These women are in the middle of filming season 4 and so it remains to be seen what will happen between them but  I for one hope they can find a way to patch things up. It's situations like these when I wish that The Real Housewives was a scripted show because maybe then, after the director yells "cut," all the ladies could still be friends and go out for pizza (made by Joe Giudice) and a "Fabellini" at the end of the day.


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