Here are numerous options available to you when you are renovating your bathroom and you are faced with the decision of what your new bathtub should look like. Naturally your decision is going to be strongly influenced by the bathtub that was previously installed. However a bathroom redesign may leave you with an alternative plan.

If one of the reasons for a bathroom renovation included the fact that space was an issue your new alternative may be to put in a corner bathtub. If space is even tighter than what might be considered normal your only option may be from a choice of small corner bathtubs.

Jetted Corner Bathtubs

Even when moving down to the smallest end of the spectrum there is a good range of corner bathtubs available. You can firstly make your decision depending on whether you require a standard bath or a spa bath, with a good proportion of corner bathtubs available as a spa to help compensate for the smaller size with greater relaxation.

A spa, however, is not for everyone and fortunately this means that the alternatives involved with a standard corner bathtub are varied. If you prefer a creative color you can buy one of a color other than the plain white, matching the tub to the walls or floor as you require.

Corner Bathtub Showers

One of the options available to you is to use the bathtub area as a multi-purpose cleaning area, turning the bathtub into the shower recess as well. This is a common enough option but is also a handy space-saving option, too. The bathtub shower combination is a good one for households with small families where the children will require a bath while the older members will prefer the shower.

Among the various types of corner bathtub showers is quite a solid range with the option of deep tubs and shallow. Although the small corner bathtubs won't give you a bathtub where you can lie back and stretch out to relax, they certainly give you a shower area that is more than suitable.

Corner Bathtubs Can Feature

The corner bathtub may be turned into a feature of the entire bathroom if you choose the materials with which it is made wisely. For some there may be no desire to create a feature piece out of their bathtub and for this reason you may simply choose the traditional white enamel surface. This type of bathtub will give you a look that will fit in nicely with the type of bathroom most people are expecting to see.

Some people would rather go for the surprising look when it comes to the bathtub and for this reason they might choose a more striking material such as marble. A marble corner bathtub would certainly turn a dull little bathtub into a focal point of the room. Naturally, a marble corner bathtub will cost you a lot more but the expense will be worth it when the results are seen.

Although you may be limited in the size available to install your new bathtub, with the variety of small corner bathtubs available you should still have the luxury of a healthy range of options available to you. This should still allow you to turn that small bathroom into a huge positive for the home design.