Credit: By Ron Reiring (Wallace, ID train station) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains is a small Idaho town called Wallace.  Wallace has a population of about 800 according to the 2010 census.  All of those people are friendly and welcoming to anyone that wants to come and enjoy the natural beauty of Idaho.  There is plenty to see and plenty to do no matter what time of year you pick to pay them a visit.

First A Little History

Wallace is part of and area known as the Silver Valley.  The Silver Valley was founded by miners and their family that come to the area looking for gold.  What they found was silver, and a lot of it.  The Silver Valley is rank among the top 10 mining districts in the world and at one point was producing nearly half of the United States silver supply.  Wallace itself has a colorful history itself.  Ranging from mining wars, raging fires and other natural disasters, and a booming bordello business.  Wallace and some of its buildings survived the Great Fire of 1910, was visited by Theodore Roosevelt in 1903, and was home to some of the worst mining wars in the area.  Wallace and the surrounding area is rich in history.  If you want to learn more go visit one of their wonderful museums, ranging from local history and mining to brothels and railroads.  

Credit: By Mandy (Bordello museum wallace idaho) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

What Is There To Do?

Wallace has something for everyone.  Whether you are looking to float the river and relax a little or get the excitement of ziplining down the side of a mountain Wallace has you covered.  Wallace is in a prime location to reach may of the rivers and lake in northern Idaho.  Just a short drive will get you to several lakes and several rivers.  Ask a local and they will direct you to their favorite.  The fishing is good the waters are great and the smell of the fresh air is invigorating.  If water is not really your thing how about the mountain trails.  Wallace is in an area that makes it any four-wheelers dream.  If you want to go motor less grab your bike and jump of the Rails to Trail or try to tackle the Hiawatha Trail.  Wallace has several attractions you can go see.  Take a trolley tour and end it with visiting the inside of a silver mine.  Visit any of the great museums.  I was not kidding about ziplining down a mountain, just make sure you take the safety class.  Maybe you like winter sports?  Not a problem.  Wallace has two alpine ski resorts 15 minutes from it.  Lookout Pass to the east and Silver Mt. to the west.  No matter the time of the year Wallace has something going on for you to enjoy.  Watch the festive Lighting Festival during the winter.  Go for the car show, the carnivals, the flea markets, or any of the festivals.  My favorite is that Wallace has a festival dedicated to Huckle Berries!

Where Can You Eat?

So many places for you to go and so little time.  There are several places to eat a great steak in Wallace and you can drag your family along to any of them.  Even if they are not as big a fan of meat as you are there are plenty of choices on the menu for everyone.  You can get some classic American eats at several of the restaurants in town for a more mellow meal.  If you want to go international you can find Mexican and Chinese, in the same building even.  If you are looking for a cool drink why don't you hit the local pub and enjoy a local brew and a quick bite.  During some of the festivals and events you can even find food that you wont see any other time of the year.  Food can be found on almost every street in downtown Wallace, it is just a matter of what you are wanting to eat that day.  You may just have to extend your trip or plan another to eat all that Wallace has for you to taste.  

store fronts
Credit: By DAN from Anthem, Arizona, USA (Wallace, ID1) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Where Can You Stay?

Wallace is like any other town when it comes to lodging.  It has a Best Western for those that are looking for a regular nights stay.  It has a small name motel that will cost you less and it has a tired motel on the outskirts of town you stay in if you are on a strict budget.  There are also some smaller hotels in town, each with its own look and feel, that you can try.  If you are in the mood there is a very nice bed and breakfast.  If you want some privacy you can rent the house that the bed and breakfast owns.  If you are feeling adventurous, and it is open, you can spend the night in an old haunted western style hotel room with the ghost of a lonely woman.  If you want to bring your own housing you can park your RV on the lot adjacent to the pub.  With all the options they have Wallace has room for you and your family no matter the time of the year and no matter who else has come to stay.  

Map Of Wallace

Go See For Yourself

I if you are planning a family trip to bond over, a private getaway for two, or just some excitement for yourself Wallace has what you are looking for.  It doesn't matter what the time of the year it is, fun is waiting for you.  If you want to learn the museum staff are always happy and helpful.  There is almost always something going on, so when you are ready to make your trip head to Wallace and enjoy yourself.