My Stock Returns for 2011

I thought it would be fun to do a series on my real life gold and silver stocks portfolio and update with new posts regulary. I have made some pretty decent gains in 2010 and 2011 (knock on wood) and hopefully I can help you do the same. I expect to continue outperforming the S&P 500 in 2012 with a careful selection of gold stocks, silver stocks, and precious metals warrants. You may even be interested in my top mutual fund pick for 2012.  Below you'll see my performance for 2011 and outlook for 2012.


Steve vs. S&P 500Credit: E*Trade

Steve: %34.85 

S&P: & -.19 

By Quarter

1Q: 15.27 vs. 5.42. 2Q: 9.13 vs. -.39 3Q: -6.54 vs. -14.33 4Q: 18.78 vs. 10.21


(PLEASE BE ADVISED): Please don't take this as an investment reccommendation or personal advice. Some of these equities are micro-cap stocks and warrants that are considered risky. Every body has a different situation and different investment goals; always do you due dilligence before making any investment decisions. I'd be happy to tell you more about my portfolio in the comments)

ALXDF - Alexandria Minerals Corp.

My Holdings from EtradeCredit: E*Trade


Top Pick - SNDXF - Sandstorm Gold

Overall Thoughts: 2011 was quite a roller coaster. I've learned you can't pay attention to the daily news flow and noise. Buy the dips. Fear now controls the markets. It seems like every single news piece on Greece results in a 3 percent drop of the DOW these days.

If you are not one to be a risk-taker, then mutual funds could be the way for you to invest in gold and silver. A good website to check out mutual funds is Morningstar, and also Yahoo! Finance.

I believe that the debt crisis in Europe (and yes, even here at home), will result in more money printing AKA "quantitative easing" by central banks all over the world. The debt crisis in Europe is very serious, but just wait until the United States is front and center! (The United States debt to gdp recently eclipsed 100 percent if you don't believe me.

I expect bigger drops in equities going into 2012, until the US Fed announces another QE or similar type of program (which could happen in early or mid 2012).

All of these holdings I have done countless hours of DD on, so please do the same if you are interested in adding any to your portfolio. I believe that investing in gold and silver stocks and mutual funds could be a great addition to your portfolio.