Social networking sites have been on the rise the past few years. It seems like almost everyone has a Twitter account or a Facebook page, or even a Myspace. There are countless other sites but these three seem to be the top contenders. You can access all of the sites via the internet, iPhone/iPod Touch or even on your new Android phone. I would like to point out a certain social networking site that is geared toward helping you lose weight.

Bodyspace is a site where you can go to get tips on a plethora fitness tips, whether you want to lose the last ten pounds or work on becoming the next Mr. Olympia. When you first log on, you are asked to fill in your measurements and goals. Then they ask you to write a short paragraph about yourself, what you are working towards fitness wise and why you feel it necessary to belong to the site. Once your page is completed, you can start searching for friends in your area. They have an area where you can blog about your daily life while you lose weight or train to become a figure competitor. You can also start looking at all the articles they've published on nutrition, fitness and supplements. They have transformation articles from men, women, and teens that have used the site to either lose weight, gain muscle or a combination of the two. They also have motivational articles that can help you push through the days when you rather just stay in bed and eat ice-cream all day.

Bodyspace also has a store that sells every different brand of supplement known to man, and then some and all at affordable rates. I live in Hawaii and even though the store's warehouse is on the mainland, the shipping and handeling isn't that expensive. They even do international shipping and shipping to military addresses.

The final part of Bodyspace that I enjoy is the forums. There are countless forums that answer every question you could ever have about fitness and/or nutrition. Many fitness experts have their own forum on the site where you can go and find information on training plans, eating plans and what type of supplement you should use to reach your goals.

Bodyspace has been around for longer than a lot of the more popular social networking sites and although it may not be the next big thing, it is definitely has a strong following, both literally and figuratively.