Soup Terrine a.k.a. Tureen

White Soup TerrineCredit: Southerngirl09

Soup Terrine Pros

They are convenient for serving

Adds an elegance to any meal

Many add a decorative touch for a special occasion

Soup Terrine Cons

Many are not dishwasher safe

Can be costly to purchase


Use a Soup Terrine to Dress up Your Meal

Your stew and salad dinner can turn into a special occasion when you serve your stew from a soup terrine. Use up all those leftovers in the refrigerator, and make a large pot of stew. Serve your stew from a tureen, and you have transformed all those leftovers into an elegant meal. No time to cook? Then simply open several cans of your favorite gumbo or chowder, heat it up, and serve it in your tureen. A soup terrine adds a special touch, and it makes everything served in it more special.

When not in use, a soup terrine can add a decorative touch to your table. Many are much too beautiful to be stored away until they are needed for serving. A friend of mine has a tureen she always keeps on her table. Many years ago, her mother took a ceramics class, and she made the soup terrine in that class. As with any family treasure, she passed it on to her daughter. My friend is very proud of this beautiful soup terrine, not only for its beauty, but because it is also a daily reminder of her mother.

So, if you have a soup terrine, take it out, use it, or just enjoy it as a decoration on your table.

Elegant Spode Soup TerrineCredit: Amazon

How to Choose a Soup Terrine if You Don’t Have One

If you don’t have a tureen, then let’s shop for one. First, you might want to check to see if you can purchase one that will match you fine china pattern and/or one that will match your everyday dishes. If those are not available, then go online, and shop for one that will blend with your favorite dishes. has a large selection of beautiful tureens for everyday use, for holidays, or other special occasions. In addition to the typical soup terrine, you will find special tureens, such as:  fish shaped tureens, tomato shaped tureens, artichoke shaped tureens, pear shaped tureens, football helmet shaped tureens, etc.

Pumpkin Shaped Soup TerrineCredit: Amazon

Nikko Christmas Soup TerrineCredit: Amazon

Next, let’s talk about a special occasion soup terrine. Maybe you would like to have one that looks like a pumpkin, to use on Thanksgiving Day, and from which you can ladle your special corn chowder. Or, how about a decorative one to use on Christmas Day for serving your famous oyster stew? These decorative tureens serve two purposes; they add a decoration to your table, as well as being useful. And let’s not forget about all those special game days, either. Select a soup terrine that shows your support for your favorite football team, and serve your favorite stew or chili from it when you have friends over to watch the big game.

Cute Rooster Soup TerrineCredit: Southerngirl09

Recently, I was at The Homestead, in Hot Springs, VA, and I found this cute rooster tureen. He will find his way to my sister’s house, as her Christmas present, and will become part of her rooster collection.

In Closing

A soup terrine will add an extra touch to any meal, and they are a great convenience. If your family is like mine, when they see the tureen on the kitchen counter, they are expecting one of their favorite soups, chili, chowders, or stews:  chicken noodle, French onion, chili bean, vegetable beef, Brunswick stew, chicken chili, etc. Bake a loaf of homemade bread, make a tossed salad, and enjoy a delectable meal at home.

Also, when you need a special gift, think about the many uses for a soup terrine, and give one as a gift.