Visit the Kruger Park on your South African Safari

An African safari is not complete without a trip to Kruger National Park. Located in South Africa, and around a five-hour car ride towards the northern end of Johannesburg, the park is the oldest and probably the most famous African safari destination. Home to the largest concentration of wildlife in Africa, viewing the ‘Big Five’ here is as close to a sure bet as you can get.

Self-Drive Routes

Known as one of the top maintained national parks in the whole continent, the Kruger is literally bursting at the seams with large game, such as giraffe, crocodiles, cheetah, lions, and elephants, making it a must visit for African safari enthusiasts. The roads through the park are excellent and the use of 4x4 is not really a necessity, although there are provisions and specialist safari cars for visitors who have mobility problems. A self-drive African safari through Kruger Park is a popular choice for tourists, with the Leopard Circuit along the Sable River being a well-used route. Game here can be highly concentrated in thick bush so a slow drive here is essential, along with the fact you may find it fairly busy and crowded with other tourists. The northeast Skukuza route to Tshokwane’s idyllic picnic site is another fabulous drive. Allowing you to pass by the park’s best watering holes – Elephant pan, Leeupan, Orpen Dam, along with a few more. Take a break from your African safari and stop for a bite to eat, either taking your own picnic or buying your provisions once you get there.  

Where To Stay on an African Safari in Kruger Park

There are many camps and options available to meet most accommodation needs and requirements within the park. Tented bush camps for self-catering and self-driving visitors are good choices for those who are after a rustic African safari experience, although some do cheat a little and have the added benefit of a swimming pool onsite. However, just because you’ve chosen to holiday in the wilderness does not always mean you want to sleep in the wilderness! Large private lodges stocked with everything you could possibly need are available. These allow you to get away from the heat of the day and relax after a few hard hours of game viewing, get some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of camp life or, if you’re travelling with small children, a chance to spend some quality time together. And with this many options, it’s not hard to understand why the Kruger National Park is favorite for an African safari with tourists from all over the world.