True Love Online

True Love Online...

 Looking for love is sometimes a difficult task. Love does not come so easy especially if you are past 30 years old and seriously looking for someone to be with for the rest of your life. In the old days, some people went for penpal sort of communication. But since time has changed so much, writing is not the best way to find friend anymore. Some people are now using the internet to look for partners in life.

How does love start anyway? Does it have to always begin with a face to face acquaintance? Traditionally, the "boy-meets-girl" cliche happens only when the couples are introduced to each other by a common friend, or a relative, or they go to the same college, or they work in the same building. My story however, is different. I met my one true love from the virtual world. Awkward as it may sound, but I always admit that I met my husband from a free dating site...

When I got here in the US for work, the only safe way for me to make friends is through the internet. Safe, because I do not give my personal information and  I do not talk with them on the phone. My purpose was only to give it a try meeting people that you do not actually meet! Aware that scams online is rampant, I still took my chance because I believe that there are few good souls out there who are serious with relationships.

One of the few things I learned about online dating is not to trust so much. And when you meet someone nice, do not engross yourself so much with that person. You should be in control of the situation, not letting the other person behind the laptop rule over your soft spot as a woman. When conversation gets so private and intimate relationship is at the portal of the so called friendship, you need to step back. Open your door for him but do not allow the guy to swift away your rational being. A lot of online relationships that I heard about ended up in frustration and brokenness because they let themselves yield to the unknown. In this kind of relationship there is always risk, oh well, same as traditional dating. But talking with someone in the virtual world could be more emotional, intimate, intense, and the danger of deceit is sometimes left in the shadow of consciousness.

Online dating from across culture could be devastating. There are a lot of personal and cultural differences to hurdle. However, these differences could become a good start of an enjoyable conversation. When relationship gets deeper, and you plan to make it good and be serious with the guy, it is then that disappointments happen because of some unmet expectations. The same with normal relationships, most of the times it will end so painfully.

I am a traditional Filipina and my boyfriend (my husband now) is American. I did not know how things worked for both of us. BUT IT DID! I'm so glad that I met the right one for me without experiencing scams or frustrations. Just like in the real world, there are pains as there are joys...

It is indeed a special love, for out from nowhere- at the other end of the world he came. And he touched my life in a very special way.

 Just a trivia: My first face to face date with my husband was on a Valentine's Day! Please read here how it all happened.>My First Valentine Date- My Forever

Hershey Park, PA