How to Make a CollageCredit: morguefile.comAre you looking for a different Christmas present this year, one that is unique and will be cherished all year, a homemade Christmas present from the heart?

Then try a Collage

A collage, now before you hit the back button, just take a few minutes to see how to make a collage and then decide:

Step 1 - Go through your photo albums, and or those box of extra photographs you have hanging around. Pick lots of pictures, that would mean something to the recipient of your gift. 

They don't have to be special occassions, just lots of good photographs.

Lightly tape them to a blank piece of paper and photo copy them in black and white. You will need lots of photographs, so fit as many as you can on one page to keep the copying costs down, or simply place the photos face down on the copier glass.


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you can simply reuse old wood frames or you can get new wood frames online.

Step 2 - Find yourself a plain wood frame, that could frame a mirror or a picture. You determine the size, keeping in mind, the bigger the frame the more photographs you will need to copy.

If you are handy, you could simply make your own wooden frame, but I was able to find wooden frames in thrift stores and charity shops, so keep them in mind if you are on a tight budget or look online.

Step 3 - Now, start cutting out your black and white copies, and mix them up on the table. Make yourself a glue, by mixing white glue with some water, just about 1/2 and 1/2, or purchase decoupage medium from the craft store.

Starting with a small area at a time, paint your plain wood frame with some glue and also the back of any picture and glue it to the frame, then paint glue right over the picture, using a small foam brush and make sure to push out any air bubbles, yes you may get a bit messy so make sure to use a plastic table cloth.

Step 4 - Start overlapping pictures and make sure to wrap around the edges of the frame, and fill in any small blank wood areas with plain white paper. Fit as many pictures as you can, overlapping as you go.

Step 5 - Varnish - Once you have completely covered your frame with pictures, let it dry. Then give your frame at least 2 coats of water based varnish (if you use oil based varnish, it will yellow the white in the paper). Put your mirror in the frame, and there is your perfect Christmas gift this year!

Your loved one or best friend, will be reminded of good times, every time they look in the mirror, and if you put enough pictures on the frame, there will be endless fun finding new areas to look at every day.


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using this glue will not only dry hard but will leave a shine on your work too!

Tip - Create the Collage with Black and White Copies

It also has a great black and white effect, which is not to busy or gaudy.  Creating your homemade Christmas present out of black and white photographs will not only look stunning and fit in any room but is cheaper at the copy machine.

I have one in my bathroom, with many family members, my kids, and more. It is like a diary on the mirror. I get a kick out of it every time I brush my teeth!

You can make these any size, and these make great Christmas gifts, and are a great way to display old photographs. Better get started!