Located in Mindoro Island, Philippines, Puerto Galera is a town made popular by its very own White Beach. The town is about 5 hours away from Manila where the major airports are, but getting there is very easy. You can rent a car or ride a bus going to Batangas Pier and take the ferry going to White Beach (if you want parties by the beach) or Sabang (if you are looking for great diving spots).

How can you make your holiday in Puerto Galera exciting and memorable? Read on and get ready for an endless summer.

Indulge in its' Beaches
The White Beach, as its name implies, boasts white sands. The beach is lined with restaurants, grills, bars and small hotels and accommodations, all offering budget-friendly prices but equipped with showers, TV and you can even get a cheaper room if it's not airconditioned. During the day, you can lounge by the beach and have an accredited masseuse give you a soothing massage as you lie down on the sand. If you want more action, you can rent a banana boat and be ready to get wet and wild! At night, most of these restaurants turn into night clubs and bars where the parties and dancing overflow to the beaches.

If you really want a quieter getaway then go for the Coco Beach where there is a private beach resort that is more one with nature.

Tamaraw Falls
A few minutes away from the White Beach, the popular Tamaraw Falls can also be enjoyed. Tourists can rent a van or jeep to get there and then the rest of the way will be traveled by foot. It is an adventure itself, passing by streams and trails, and eventually reaching the waterfalls after a few minutes. Here you can experience bathing under the falls, or in the pool where the fresh water from the mountains collect. The cool water will be refreshing—especially after that walk you will take to get there!

Diving and Golf
Puerto Galera has a protected marine sanctuary, which makes it really attractive for divers. Several dive shops are located in White Beach as well as in Sabang, some of which offer complete packages inclusive of diving lessons or guided diving, accommodations, meals and transfer. On the other hand, a golf course is available for those who are not into extreme sports. The golf club is walking distance from the White Beach and because it is located uphill, you can see a fantastic view of Puerto Galera from there. Of course you can still go take van going there is you want to save all the walking for your golf game.

Puerto Galera probably has a little bit of something for everyone looking for a splendid holiday vacation. From budget to luxurious accommodations and activities, this small town has it! Don't forget to grab the souvenir shirts from the stores that line the White Beach, or to try out the famous Mindoro Sling as you party all night by the beach.