Stained Glass Tiffany LampThe stylish appearance of a stained glass Tiffany lamp appeals to many people. Unfortunately, this style of lamp can be difficult to incorporate into existing home decor without making major changes. At one time, Tiffany glass lamps were considered to be very formal, and only the rich could afford them. Most households featured them in rooms where guests would be able to see them, like the sitting room or parlor. Nowadays, though, you can find stained glass lamps in assorted designs that are often much less formal than the originals. This means that you really shouldn't have a problem finding one that fits your current style.

Color is an important consideration if you are thinking of buying a stained glass Tiffany lamp that matches your decor. The colors of the lamp and the look of the room should be similar, although an exact match is not necessary. A contrasting piece can look wonderful as long as it does not clash with the other pieces in the room.

Some lamps will only utilize a few principal colors in order to produce a striking design. For others, a pattern of vibrant and bold colors is utilized. A stained glass Tiffany lamp that has only a few colors in it would be ideal in a home with a variety of neutral or base tones. Your current design will look great with this new element. No need to be concerned about matching colors. Instead, pick a design that has one pop of color and make it the center of the room.

But if your home style includes a variety of elements, a multicolored lamp might be the perfect fit. Rooms with a large variety of patterns, textures and shades are perfect for such a lamp. Matching up your colors isn't really an issue because the atmosphere here affords you more creativity.

A stained glass Tiffany lamp comes in a wide variety of patterns. The pattern quite often depicts something from nature. There are also quite a few stained glass lamps featuring signature patterns produced by the manufacturer. As a general rule, the level of detail in your decor will help you decide on the design of the lamp you choose. The lamp pattern should be basic and restrained when the room has a minimalist theme. Areas that have a variety of eye catching features are well suited for stained glass that has many details and colors.