When searching the iTunes store it is often overwhelming. It can even be so overwhelming, that you end up like a hungry person shopping for groceries. You end up buying things you do not need, and can even end up forgetting what you ended up in there for in the first place. The iTunes store is incredibly easy to access on standard PCs, on iDevices especially the iPhone it often feels much more forced and limited by the amount of information which its screen can hold at one time. Since music and video have become Apple’s primary vehicle for profit they tend to be given the most attention and rightfully so. With all of Apple’s breadwinners receiving the well-earned favorite treatment other valuable and entertaining sources of information and entertainment tend to get lost in the shuffle. By the conclusion of this article you will be able to access and unlock the world of podcasts, audiobooks, and more.

                Follow these steps and you will be laughing, learning, and/or just be flat out entertained:

  1. Press the home button on your iPhone and unlock your phone by sliding from left to right
  2. Select the purple “iTunes” icon
  3. iTunes will open and bring you to the home page which you are used to seeing. From here look along the black icon bar along the bottom and select the icon that says “More” in the bottom right hand corner. It is symbolized by three horizontal filled dots evenly spaced.
  4. This will pull up a listing of extensions of the iTunes store. You want to select the fourth one down that says “Podcasts”. This article will focus primarily on how to navigate this sub menu, but future articles may be dedicated to the other expansions.
  5. This will take you to the Podcasts home page where you can browse podcasts similarly to the way you have grown accustomed to with music and videos. 

Now that you have found the Podcast Store you will be able to search and browse by category similarly to the ways you have been accustomed. I personally recommend using the “Top Tens” in the center of the top option bar. This is the simplest way to find widely listened to podcasts within categories which interest you such as comedy, health and wellness, or news, among others of course. From here you can expand the list of your desired category by ten spots continuously. I highly recommend testing the other ways of exploring the podcasts. If this is the first you have either heard of podcasts, or how to locate them through your phone on iTunes, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you experiment with the medium. You will be surprised how informative, entertaining, and potentially enlightening this medium can be.