This post will give you a quick overview of bagasse and bagasse compostable food service ware. We are also going to discuss the 3 main reasons why we support using bagasse compostable food service ware.

Bagasse Overview - Bagasse, in the event that you don't already know, is a left over by-product of the sugar cane manufacturing process. Essentially, sugarcane once it is taken to a manufacturing plant to be processed, is squeezed for its liquid and the outstanding fibery substance is bagasse. Bagasse has typically merely been thrown away or it has been used as a fuel in some manufacturing plants to power the sugarcane manufacturing process; but regrettably, as part of being used as an energy source, it emits various contaminants into the atmosphere.

Bagasse Bowls

These days, bagasse is getting turned into compostable food containers. Listed here are 3 quick reasons explaining why we're users of bagasse compostable plates & food packaging.

#1 - Sustainable. Bagasse is derived from sugarcane which is a yearly renewable resource. Sugar cane develops quite quickly and simply by making use of it in biodegradable plates & biodegradable food packaging you are preventing it from possibly getting dumped in the trash or getting used as a fuel source which will emit contaminants into the environment.

#2 - Natural Appearance. In the event that you've by chance used a bagasse biodegradable food container previously or if you've taken a good look at a bagasse biodegradable plate, you will have witnessed that the package has an incredibly organic feel. The biodegradable plates molded from bagasse are textured and the products genuinely do feel very natural. This aspect is crucial especially when bagasse products end up in municipal composting facilities (which is an integral part of realizing the eco benefits of bagasse). If they land in these composting facilities, it's extremely easy to identify that the product was made from bagasse, that the product does belong in a commercial composting center, that it is going to break down, and that the product should not be removed from that composting center.

#3 - Quality. The 3rd reason why we are big supporters of bagasse is quite frankly the quality of the products. Bagasse biodegradable food containers and plates are incredibly tough. They are quite sturdy and certainly one of the greatest things about them as well is that the products withstand temperatures north of 150 degrees fahrenheit extremely well. You can place hot chili into a bagasse container; actually you can place a range of hot foods in bagasse and you are going to get a tiny bit of moisture at the bottom of the bowl, but otherwise it's going to take care of that hot food extremely well.

And so, that's our overview of bagasse and bagasse food containers. Hope you enjoyed!