Large pores can be visibly diminished with the right skin care treatment

Large pores are a pain, that hereditary annoyance that plagues many people, however there are great skin care treatments to treat large pores.

It took me a long time to figure out but going to a dermatologist isn't exactly necessary to deal with large pores, one can buy some skin care treatments, either in the form of do-it-yourself at home skin treatments or go to your local spa and find an knowledgeable esthetician to provide skin treatments on you.

What you will be looking for as a skin care treatment is… glycolic acid peels. This is the number one treatment I have found to deal with large pores.

What can you expect from this skin care treatment?

Depending where you go, whether a spa or dermatologist you actually will need to expect to go several times. On average, about three to four visits. The first visit will be the "prep" visit, where the esthetician gives you a light 10% peel. You may feel a bit of itching but this is not an extreme skin treatment, like the strong chemical peels. In actuality you can "prep" yourself at home by buying a 10% glycolic acid treatment and following the instructions at home. This is the first step in reducing those large pores. After you give yourself a light treatment you are ready to see a professional. Please note, any professional can give you a light 10% peel, I am reccomending that you do this yourself since you will save a lot of money and have the glycolic peel at home for regular use.

The real changes begin however when you get that first professional skin treatment, a 30% to 40% acid peel. Again, this needs to be administrated by a doctor or a licensed esthetician because any skin care treatment beyond 10% cannot be purchased by regular people. A stronger peel is a bit more risky, as in it needs to be applied properly and not left on the face too long or there may be minimal damages (irritated, sensitive skin). When you do get the stronger peel, the results will be slow but growing, definitely after the 2nd peel treatment you will find that your large pores do look smaller! The skin will be smoother. There will be minimal upkeep, washing your face, exfoliating and getting another peel treatment every one to two months.

What's even better is that there is no down time or long recovery period after you get your treatment, you can even get one during your lunch break. A glycolic peel series is a great skin care treatment to reduce those large pores.