If you are wondering what to buy someone for a gift, and you know that they love to drink tea, one idea is to buy a tea chest. There are many beautiful and decorative chests available, which make excellent gifts. While it can be difficult knowing exactly what type of chest would suit a kitchen, fortunately there are many available that would easily fit with any kitchen or dining room decor.

You can find some chests that are relatively inexpensive while others cost considerably more. For example, if you are looking for a very special gift and you are prepared to pay quite a bit for it you could look at the line of hand-carved wooden tea chests. Another idea is to search online for an antique tea chest, preferably one that has been restored. These are classic and timeless, and as they were finely crafted they are still as functional today as when they were first made. As an example of the prices being charged for these items a hand-crafted, wooden chest can be bought for around $70 or more, depending on the quality and whether or not it is an antique tea chest. Others cost as little as $20. Some are sold as a chest only, where people can store their teas, others come complete with a sampling of different teas. If you are looking for a specific design, such as a Chinese or Japanese tea chest you may have to pay more; although again it is very much dependent on the quality of the tea chest.

A favourite type of chest is the tea bag chest. This is more modern in design as the older style chests were used to store loose tea rather than the more modern tea bags. One thing that is important, however, whether you are buying a chest for storing loose tea or tea bags is that it seals well. Tea spoils very easily if it is exposed to too much humidity and it also has a tendency to absorb the odors of any spices or herbs it is around. Choose your tea chest carefully. Take note of how well the lid seals and look around the exterior of the chest to make sure that there is no where that air could get into it, such as around poorly made hinges.

As there is such a variety of tea chests available and prices range from the fairly moderately priced ones to those that cost $100 or more, it should not be too difficult to find something that the person you are buying the gift for would like. They are not only great for storing tea, but if you buy a nice one they are also very decorative, adding a nice touch to any kitchen or tea serving area.