The feeling of owning a car is fantastic; you use it for work, play, driving around with your friends, or driving the kids to baseball practice. No matter what the need, we all have to make sure that our cars are in good shape, so that they too can live a long, healthy life. Because of tough economic times, financial issues, or just penny-pinching, a lot of us prefer to buy used cars instead of brand new ones straight from the factory. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this! The unfortunate reality is, however, that some people selling their used cars are out to get us... All they want to do is get a car off of their hands that is in poor condition, and try to get the most money they possibly can for it. Sadly, some of us do fall for it. Thankfully, there are a few steps that one can take to ensure that what we are buying is no junker: -Ensure that The seller is trustworthy. Ask if they have any past history with buying or selling cars. If you decide to buy off of the Internet, make sure to check any buyers history available to you.. Ie- e-bay seller ratings. -ALWAYS go to look at a car in person before making any deals or purchases. If possible, bring along a friend who knows about cars, or even better, an actual mechanic to make sure that everything is in working order. -Ask the seller for any and all receipts. This includes any previous work that he or she has done to the car, as well as any accessories purchased for the car. The more stuff you have on paper, the better! -Make sure the get a detailed history of the car, including all repairs and accidents, if any. There are numerous resources available for gathering this information, and a quick Internet search will turn up many results. One of the most popular companies that will provide this kind of information is CARFAX. It is important to keep in mind that when buying a used car, everything won't be perfect,p especially if you are deciding to purchase an older car. But by ensuring that both the used car AND the seller are both in good order, your purchasing experience will surely be easier, quicker, and definitely a lot more enjoyable for all parties involved.