Nestled at the base of a California mountain is the small picturesque town called Tehachapi. With the population sitting around 15,000 it’s one of those quaint places where everyone is greeted with a wave and a smile. People stroll along the historical main street, Tehachapi Boulevard, looking in the tourist shops filled with fun gifts and novelties. They may pass some of the beautifully painted murals covering much of the town depicting pictures of important historical members of society.

A few travelors will stop and look as a roaring train passes through on its way to the Tehachapi Loop, a place in which the train makes a complete spiral to continue its journey to central California. The gorgeous scenery and the idea of seeing a 4,000 foot long train go over itself during the loop has attracted many train enthusiasts.

However, those who are not in the refurbished downtown area may be hiking the pine-filled Tehachapi Mountains enjoying the scenery. There are plenty of trails to trek and many different forms of wildlife to view. Camp sites are available for those wanting a longer stay in the mountains. Weekends such as Labor Day and Memorial Day are filled with families opting for a fun, care-free vacation.

While coming back from a refreshing stay in nature, a stop at the Norbertine Monastery is not only peaceful but educational experience learning about the Sisters’ way of life. The self-sufficient Sisters have a working farm including cows for dairy and sell the most amazing honey from their bee keeping. They are currently planning on making and selling artisan cheeses, jams and other home made products in the near future.

The mountain backdrop eventually gives way to thousands of wind turbines that are a sight to behold. They have been in place since the 1980s and can generate 1.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. Winding through the giant structures is the well-known Pacific Crest Trail where backpackers make the 2,650 mile hike from Mexico to Canada in an average time of six months.

Known as a town with all four seasons, Tehachapi is a wonderful place to visit and be close to nature. The people are friendly and there are many attractions to be visited and cherished. The fact that it is budget-friendly is also a huge factor in many people’s decision to vacation in the thriving town. One thing is for certain; Tehachapi is on the map and will not be easily forgotten.