There Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History month, but not as many people know about Women's Month. Well, since it's this month of the year, I'd just like to thank the women out there for their contributions to the world. As I am a male, I will write this from my own point of view, and of behalf of the men in the world. So ladies, this one's for you.

The Childbearers 

No one would be--and I mean "be" as in "alive"--without women. Guys have it easy: one night and our involvement in human creation is done. Women, though, have to carry an organism within them for 9 months. And in the end, they scream and battle--sometimes for many, hours--to bring another person into this world. Men will never experience this, so we will never know what the pain is like. But by the way women look like they suffer through that process, maybe a rough estimate would be like getting kicked in our precious cargo for hours. So, thanks to women's toughness, the human exists. Now, go and thank your mother.


Sometimes, women are the subject of jokes about "sandwiches" and "kitchens." This reflects how society expects women to be the cooks, cleaners, and housewives of the household. Well, in part, it is true. Women still do more of the cooking, cleaning, and child-rearing today. But, that work is on top of the office jobs and other work they have today. While men are wathcing TV, the women are doing more house work. So women, props to you. Without your work, men would not have clean suits, would be hungry, and would not have adorable and loving children. Let's see Superman work a full day and come back to a dirty house and empty stomaches. As a man, I can say he would probably last a day or two. It'll have a bigger effect on his powers than does kryptonite.

Great Companions

I've noticed that I have a lot of women friends. Why? Well, men are great to talk about manly subjects and play sports with. But women have something most men lack: emotions. Women can more easily empathize with a situation and provide good advice. And, you can tell they listen. Most guys, unfortunately, will respond to a friend talking about a bad relationship with, "I'm sorry...Dude. Let's get a cheeseburger. I'm hungry." Women get it.

The book about what men know about women might be the shortest book in history (I think last time I checked, the pages were still blank), but I think we should know that women are vital to our being. Sure, men might not know why a woman is crying or we might agree that women can sometimes be alien to them, but without them, we wouldn't be. Thank you ladies.