It’s America’s playground. It’s the one place on the planet where you can see the Eiffel Tower, take a gondola ride under a Venice skyline and rent a guide to take you on a desert adventure. Las Vegas has something for everyone, including a tough girl hitting the city solo.

A Flavor of Everything!
Credit: Photo captured by Samantha

When Visiting Las Vegas, Timing is EVERYTHING.
The heat in Sin City is oppressive in the summer. My favorite times of the year for a Vegas trip is April/March or October/November. It’s warm enough to thaw from my hometown’s winter haze but cool enough to enjoy the outdoors.

Save Money on the Hotel Room
If you plan ahead, you’ll find all kinds of great deals to get airfare and a hotel on the cheap. My favorite place to stay on a budget is on Fremont Street. It’s not as clean as The Strip but it’s a lot more lively and not nearly as big-city feeling.

Don’t worry about not being in the thick of the Las Vegas Strip. There are buses that run back and forth from Fremont all night long.

Freemont at Night
Credit: Photo captured by Samantha

A word of caution - Fremont can also be pretty dangerous in the wee hours of the night. If you’re not comfortable being on your own in Vegas, staying on Fremont is not for you.

Vegas Tickets on the Cheap
If you’re into shows, look out for the Tix4Tonight booths. My best tip on getting discounted Vegas shows: Try the Tix4Tonight at the Four Queens on Fremont and get there early. For tough girls in Sin City, I highly suggest picking up a ticket for Stripper 101, where you’ll learn the art of pole dancing from a pro.

On a Desert Trek
Credit: Photo captured by Samantha

Get Lost in the Desert
If you have a bit of expendable cash in your pocket, try a trail ride. Las Vegas is surrounded by some amazing, beautiful terrain. Horseback trail rides in the Vegas area expensive, but absolutely worth the price.

If you’re into rock climbing, every spring Vegas is home to the Red Rock Rendezvous, an event that brings climbers together from all walks of life, pros and beginners alike.

Just Dance!
Dancing with yourself is not only a tag-line from a Ramones song, it’s a pastime for tough girls everywhere. My favorite places to dance, and actually have the room to move? Carnival Court next to Harrah’s Casino on The Strip and Golddigger’s on Fremont Street.

Spin the Wheel

Like to Gamble?
When I’m in Sin City, roulette is a sickness. While I do like the casinos on The Strip, when I’m in Vegas on my own, I really prefer the casinos on Fremont. Binion’s, the Four Queens and the Golden Nugget are really comfortable, low-key places to spend some time (and money) with a few drinks and a table game.

Food, Food and More Food
Stay away from the buffets! You do not get to crash your calorie control just because you’re geographically located in Vegas!

That being said, Vegas is home to a ton of fantastic restaurants and eateries and a little calorie splurge on one day won’t kill you. My favorite places to splurge when in Sin City are Margaritaville and Ben & Jerry’s, both located on The Strip.

Restaurants Galore

Pre-game Preparation
There is so much more to Sin City than one article can cover. Don’t wait to get to Vegas and waste precious time sorting through multiple random brochures. I usually find great deals by keeping an eye on Groupon or popular travel sites. Oftentimes, you will find much better deals if you book in advance.