A Traditional Christmas Dinner

Creating a traditional Christmas dinner is generally taken on by the biggest homebody in the family.

These are the ones who make all the reunion plans and bring us together, for the family weddings and cookouts. There also the ones who end up bearing the brunt of the burden and cost for this holiday meal.

A traditional meal will consist of many different culinary varieties, depending on where in the world, or even in the country you happen to be located.

Most cultures will find their own favorites being handed down from generation to generation. These entrées will vary greatly with location.

Some locals will favor the traditional turkey dinner and some will have a nice honey baked ham. Whatever the fare, great tidings are had by all during the holiday season.

The one common thread that Christmas holds, when it comes to the Christmas meal, is family. This has always been a family holiday.

People will come together in numbers that are unheard of any other time of the year. Siblings will reconnect and parents will get to hug their kids after an extended absence. The holiday season will bring joy to so many people, it's always a favorite time of the year.

Making the trek from the four corners of the earth, family members will brave travel hazards and weather problems, for the traditional family get together.

It's so nice to just get together and enjoy quality time with our family and friends. Everyone will put their work on hold, there problems are pushed aside to make room for holiday spirit.

Planes will be booked and trains will be filled and the world will commute passed each other in every possible direction until dinner time when the moving masses all sit still and eat.

Christmas Tree (33601)Laughter will fill the house as old times are reminisced and tales gone by are retold.

New stories are relayed to our loved ones, as we catch up with each others lives. If not for this annual cause we all share, many would stay removed and solitary, when in respect to family.

A traditional holiday dinner is not so much about what you're cooking as it is who's coming. The most important people in our lives. The ones who helped to make us who we are.

Getting to see relatives that are absent from our lives for the rest of the year, makes this a special time for everyone.

Too many of us get wrapped up in our daily rigmarole, and forget what's really important. If your family is having a traditional Christmas dinner then you should do everything you can, within your power, to get to this event. The one's you love are counting on seeing you and no one wants to be the one who broke the family tradition.