An often overlooked but very important aspect of any home is its overall appeal. Many times, people judge the quality of a home by its outside appearance. For people interested in selling their home or trying to increase their home's value, one of the easiest ways to accomplish a more polished correlation between a home and a yard is through landscaping. Available in agricultural and residential styles, wooden fences are a staple for homeowners seeking attractive and sturdy curb appeal. Whether choosing a picket, stockade, lattice, post or rail pattern, there is the perfect fence waiting for your yard.

Available in combinations of pine and locust, solid treated pine and solid rustic cedar-wood, agricultural fences made from these woods allow shoppers to choose from two or three rails and depending on fence type chosen, some may have stacked wooden fences available. Allowing homeowners to customize the fencing's height, this type of fence's minimum height is three feet and its maximum height is as tall as the customer would like. A unique feature, fenceWooden Fences have optional post caps available; including those that are custom made for the buyer.

An unfortunate problem that dissuades shoppers from purchasing a post and rail type of fence is its lack of privacy. Fortunately, for homeowners seeking complete seclusion, picket and stockade fences may be a better option. Having panels that are vertical and approximately eight inches in width, white-colored Whitewood wooden fence panels are one of the most popular choices for privacy fencing. Requiring some maintenance, if left untreated this fence could turn silver due to elemental exposure; however, the problem can be solved by painting the fence with a moisture-resistant paint. Because of the maintenance issues involved, rather than put money into an investment that may become neglected, homeowners who cannot commit to maintaining their fences should consider less maintenance-intensive fences made from aluminum or vinyl.

As more and more homeowners are seeking a more quiet retreat, wooden privacy fences are gaining in popularity. Requiring annual maintenance, these types of fences are approximately six feet high and are available in a choice of dog-eared and plain-end fence tops. At the bottom, wooden fences are secured with sturdy, steel posts. Offering more than privacy, wooden privacy fences help define a home's perimeter, are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials, and are ideal for families with swimming pools, companion animals and small children. If needing and wanting additional security features in your home that are in-place on a constant basis, wooden privacy fencing is one addition that should not be overlooked.