Astonishing nevertheless, this is truth. Trans fats are an unsaturated fat which is typically created through an industrial process known as hydrogenation. This process was invented in the late 1890's and is widely used to provide hydrogenated oils as well as margarine.

There is however, a trans fat found within an all natural source and it has the ability to enable you to eliminate undesirable stomach fat.It happens to be a well-known fact that synthetic trans fats are bad and definitely should be eliminated in a person's diet. Trans fat is not required for our bodies and supplies no advantages to our health and well being. Trans fats increase the level of LDL (the undesirable cholesterol) and decreases the quantity of HDL cholesterol, (the good cholesterol) which can increase our risk of developing cardiovascular disease. As a result of the potential damage resulting from consuming trans fats, nutritionists and others in the health care profession advise us not to eat foods that contain them.

Synthetic trans fats from hydrogenated oils need to be avoided like a plague!

What is generally not well-known is that there is a specific and naturally occurring type of trans fat which will encourage the loss of fat as well as help to stimulate muscle building. This healthy type of trans fat can be found in the milk and body fat of ruminants, (an animal which eats cud) such as cattle, sheep, deer, goats, bison and kangaroo. This trans fat is known as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and this is proven to help prevent cancer and reduce body fat. Meat and milk products from grass-fed ruminants possess noticeably more CLA when compared with the meat and milk products from grain-fed ruminants. Studies have indicated this may be as much as 300-500% more.

Is there a miracle pill containing CLA that can deliver the identical health benefits? The majority of the stores which sell dietary supplements would certainly like you to think there is. The truth is the conjugated linoleic acid contained in dietary supplements is a synthetically made isomer and offers no health benefit. The purely natural and healthy type of conjugated linoleic acid is found in grass-fed ruminants such as cattle, sheep, goats, etc.

Only the conjugated linoleic acid found in the meat and milk of grass-fed ruminants can help to reduce excess fat, particularly in the abdominal area. Natural CLA can also help to improve belly firmness. This healthy form of trans fat will boost the speed we burn up fat and build lean muscle, which in turn raises the metabolic rate. When you include the meat and milk from grass-fed cattle, sheep, deer, goats and bison in your diet, you are going to enjoy the health benefits provided by this organic trans fat.

Live well and be fit for life,