Welcome to the Kingdom of Tonga, a step back in time to a more natural, slower way of life. Tonga beckons with her natural beauty, friendly faces and the opportunity to relax like never before.

When Captain Cook discovered these islands he was amazed by how many there were and was heard to utter "which to go to first?" Change has come to Tonga, but the stunning waters, flora, fauna and beaches would still be recognizable to the good Captain now.

Luckily there are now direct flights to Tonga from New Zealand. Less than three hours away, this unspoilt paradise will welcome you with open arms.

The 'Friendly Islands' as they are known, are a necklace of islands lying just west of the dateline. Tongatapu, the main island and home to the capital Nuku'Alofa, will be your first point of call. This little capital is a charming place to start your Tongan journey with churches, the Royal Palace and busy markets giving you a real taste of Tonga. Don't miss the famous blow holes spurting water high into the warm air. Just nine kilometers from the town, these are a must-see.

There are many restaurants from Japanese to German to satisfy your hunger, but be sure to have a Tongan feast of local foods at least once. Fafa Island Resort just north of the main island has beautiful beaches and accommodation in a protected marine environment, great for that total getaway.

There are over a hundred islands making up the Kingdom, and these are the most popular reason for a tourist visit. Most of the islands are uninhabited and are only accessible by boat, however these provide world class dive sights with an incredible array of ocean life and corals.

The Vava'u group of islands are a truly unspoilt treasure, where white sand beaches, swaying palms and crystal clear waters tempt you to lie back and unwind. There are a number of accommodation options here and they make a great base from which to explore the island and its incredible waters.

This group of islands crowning glory is whale watching. From June to November these incredible beasts migrate here to breed and a day in the sun watching them is a unique and rewarding experience.

The waters around Tonga offer not only unrivalled beauty but the chance for all sorts of waterborne activities.

Fishing in these waters is fantastic, with plenty of fish to be caught, be it with a hand line or a full day fighting a huge game fish. Divers could be the most spoilt with the water having stunning clarity and colour. The sheer abundance of marine life, coral reefs and of course the warm waters are what diver dream of.

If you feel like a calmer form of excitement, a day sea kayaking on top of the turquoise waters is fantastic. Sailing Tongan waters is easily arranged be it a day trip to have a picnic on a remote beach or perhaps hire a yacht and spend a week bobbing about, eating seafood and relaxing amongst the many beautiful island and atolls.

Tonga really is a holiday with a difference - guaranteed relaxations, a treasure trove of watery pursuits, or just relaxing on a beach. Tonga is a stunning change of scenery, and pace.
Come and discover this increasingly popular holiday destination.