Stepmothers are great

A Wonderful StepmotherCredit: Javrsmith

Stepmothers receive bad press, if they receive any at all. This is a spectacular shame. Many of these women are practically saints for the work they do. They marry into an established family, help raise children that aren't theirs and often are responsible for making a dysfunctional house a home. They are to be commended for all of their efforts.

TV and the movies show us various stepmothers that certainly are designed to scare us. The wicked stepmother of Snow White. The evil stepmother of Cinderella. Even poor Mrs. Brady occasionally was portrayed as less than angelic. Remember, everyone, these characters are completely fictional. The real stepmothers in the world are more likely to be very nice people. They come into their marriage and into the lives of children that they hardly know. The children are naturally suspect. The new stepmother usually has little or no experience. They also must live in the shadow of the first mother. This can be an incredibly pressure filled role. Add to that the fact that the stepchildren may be young, confused, angry and highly emotional and you can begin to understand the difficulty that is the life of many new stepmothers.

Generally, these ladies perform their duties very well. They take a barely functioning, or dysfunctional house and make it a home. They help with the raising of the children while trying not to supplant the natural mother. If the children's mother is still involved, the role of the stepmother is likely to be made infinitely more complicated.

Children should know that stepmothers are usually trying do the best job that they can. Of course there are rare exceptions where stepmothers are less than nice, but the normal state is hardly evil. The father in the marriage should do his best to explain the situation to his children. He should explain that the stepmother is a nice person and that she is an authority in the house. He should support her as she attempts to help raise her stepchildren. Under no circumstances, should he criticize the stepmother in front of the children. Certain doom for his marriage could result if he does not follow these rules.

Many people have had wonderful experiences with their stepmothers. Stepmothers come into a relationship and help raise children, many of whom are particularly troublesome. They help their husband maintain a good home. They put their own touches on the marriage and the lives within the house. It is a difficult job at times. Children can be confused, emotional and angry. The husband may also be quite emotional, especially at first. There is a great deal of change in a house when a stepmother comes in. Thankfully, many women are willing to take on the role of stepmother. They do their best, and a great job it is usually. Society actually owes these women a great debt of thanks for their role as stepmother. Many problem children are saved through their actions. It is a role that can be difficult or practically impossible at times. If you have a stepmother, or know one, be sure to thank her for her good work in the home.