Are you considering business opportunities in your area? Do you have the desire to be self employed but are not sure what is right for you? There are many business opportunities and franchises available in the marketplace. Many require a enormous amount of upfront capital. Others require building offices or retail sites and hiring lots of employees. If these are stumbling blocks for you, perhaps you should consider a more scaled back type opportunity which still has amazing potential for profit and for creating a business that is meaningful and rewarding for both you and your potential customers. Perhaps you should consider investing in a nanny/tutoring type franchise.


There is a new business model today that is growing exponentially. That particular type franchise offers families in your area both nanny services and tutoring for your children. First of all, they provide customers with nannies for their children with a unique twist: the nannies they provide are college nannies. That name has twofold meaning. The nanny is a college educated student or graduate or even a licensed teacher with a high degree of intelligence. And the nanny is specifically involved with the client's children in preparing them for future college attendance. In other words, the nanny doesn't just babysit the children. He or she also gets involved with the kids. The nanny helps and supports the children in their schooling. Nannies with specific strengths, such as math or science or English skills, can be employed to interact with the children while performing basic nanny duties. In this way the client gets a bonus value for the dollars spent on childcare. Another bonus is the effective role model the nannies become for the children in their care. Exposing young children to nannies who are excited about learning and who are actively pursuing their own educational goals has unprecedented impact on a child's formative years. If a family needs any type babysitting services, what could be better than a college nanny?


The other side of this unique business model is tutoring. The franchisee provides specific tutoring services to students who are past the age of requiring nannies. For instance, they can provide tutors specifically to help students preparing for college entrance tests. High scores on these tests are extremely important to students desiring admission to specific colleges, or to those striving for scholarship funds. Most college test preparation courses are taught in classes with many students. Wouldn't it be valuable to focus on the needs of a particular student, not of a whole classroom? A college tutor addresses the needs of individuals better than any alternative.


Tutors can also be provided for students needing help in areas of mathematics, science, reading and writing, basic homework skills, and just learning to study well. The student can be matched with a tutor who can help him in his specific areas of need. Again, the tutor becomes a role model which greatly influences the student to excel at his schooling. What a great investment of a family's educational dollars. What a privilege to be the franchisee who helps families in such a unique and rewarding way.


As a local franchise providing college nannies and tutors you would provide invaluable service to the local community. All of the nannies and tutors employed by you would be subject to extensive employment interviews. You would check their educational history as well as background checks and personal interaction with them. You would verify both work history and their legal right to work in the United States. By paying the tutors directly and withholding payroll and other taxes you offer a service that eliminates headaches for your clients. It's a win for your business and a win for your customers. They have someone watching or tutoring their children who is qualified and who wants to make a difference in the child's life. You, as a franchise owner, have a business that is both financially rewarding and offers a genuine service that makes a difference in the lives of people in your community. It is hard to conceive of a business opportunity with more to offer. Take the time to investigate the latest trend in franchising and one of the fastest growing segments of entrepreneurship – providing college nannies and tutors to families and students who will be sincerely grateful.